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Post Travel through time. Meet history's legends. Become one yourself.

We all love fantasy. But for adventure, mystery, war, love, hatred, heroicism, political intrigue, and amazing stories, nothing compares to our real world.

Imagine if you and your friends could travel back through time and take part in all the great stories of human history and literature. You could fill in for an indisposed Beowulf and kill the monster Grendel yourself, becoming the toast of Hrothgar's mead-hall. Loot the pirate caves of Tortuga and come face to face with the mighty Blackbeard. Help Tokugawa Ieyasu to outwit his enemies and become the Shogun of Japan...or help his enemies to outwit him.

These and much, much more are possible on LegendMUD: now in its 14th year open to the public.

Here are some of LegendMUD's features:
  • Time travel quests, allowing you to fully explore our world in three different eras of time
  • No classes; your potential abilities are determined by the hometown where you grew up and your stats
  • Over 50 areas across the three eras to explore, with several new ones added each year
  • Player-formed clans/guilds, and player-owned housing
  • Both PK and RP optional but encouraged
  • Wide range of involving quests based on historical and literary events
  • Public channels for ooc chat, ic chat, pk chat
  • Automated equipment auctioning system
  • Friendly, mature staff
  • No multiplaying, but features an account system to help you keep track of all your alts
  • Clean interface, with ANSI color and extended text attibutes available

Come try us today!
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