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ShadowSiege -- RPI looking to immerse you!

First, I'll start off this promotion with a very succinct description of what an RPI is -- though I know a large portion of those reading this board are well versed in MUD related acronyms and already know. RPI stands for Roleplaying Intensive, and describes the type of MUD ShadowSiege is. As the name suggests, RPI muds focus on the development of characters and their interactions with others playing the game rather than the endless quest for more experience and levels (though, martial might is a goal many strive to achieve with their characters). This does not mean that your character will not develop without EXP points being doled out for killing mobiles, or that combat is not a major part of the game. Instead, your character gains strength through roleplaying, usually in the form of points to spend at your leisure -- whether in swordsmanship or cooking merely depends on who you want your character to be.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Hack and Slash MUDs, RPIs encourage players to add to the 'story' of the game through their characters actions and reactions. One of the major benefits of this sort of game, in my very humble opinion, is that your character is no longer a string of binary stored on a server that you use to kill a string of other binary in order to make your little slice of code stronger. Instead, the events that your character experiences and participates in begin to have significant meaning -- stirring emotions and making the game that much more enjoyable.

Now, that the general stuff is out of the way, I'll move onto ShadowSiege in particular, its details, and how much I'd like to see you all there.

ShadowSiege is, as stated, an RPI -- one that is set in the City-state of Telantha, the final bastion of civilization facing annihilation at the hands of an apocalyptic evil. The game is based in an original high -- often dark -- fantasy setting, and is lush with all the things that make that genre great: Magic, combat, climatic confrontations, crime and punishment are all evidenced and in strong showing in ShadowSiege. In fact, the sort of experiences you'll find in this game are only truly limited by what you -- or anyone playing with you -- can dream up. On the same vein, there are absolutely -no- classes or guilds to determine a preset skill availability in ShadowSiege -- the only thing that will limit your character is what you want them to be.

Do you want your character to be a cook who secretly harbors hopes of one day being a great hero? Go ahead. A thief who swears he'll 'pay it all back' when he gets to the top? Excellent! The beauty of this genre -- ShadowSiege in particular -- is that these intricate characters will find themselves immersed in a community of other dynamic characters with just as many problems, hopes, dreams, and secrets as they might have, resulting in endless interactions between players that never seem to grow stale or controlled.

ShadowSiege is a firmly established MUD, replete with an experienced set of Staff Members who are -involved- in not just their administrative duties, but the actual Roleplay itself. It's not uncommon to be roleplaying with a group of players and the staff jump in right beside you; that drunk in the corner starts gossiping about some fantastic rumor, or the door flies open to reveal a bloodsoaked woman sobbing desperately for help. This sort of direct and spontaneous staff involvement leads to some significant, engaging, and highly amusing roleplay that challenges you to react as your character would and immerses you completely into the world.

The myriad of SS players had their beginnings in HnS, RPI, and Social Muds all alike, so when you first start playing SS, expect to find people knowing exactly where you're coming from -- and willing to leap at the chance to help you. I have yet to see a newbie join for the first time without immediately being showered with greetings and promises to answer any questions that they might have. Not only that, but once the newly created character of that newbie joins, older players will literally -flock- to that character just to help them get a feel for the sort of stellar roleplay that goes on in ShadowSiege. Once you start playing and two or three people stumble into the room and start interacting with each other and you, you'll be hooked.

The code (heavily modified Circle Code, for those interested in code bases) is always being updated and added to, and there are always plots to join in on (at least one major Staff Driven plot is going on as I type this, and innumerable player-invented ones).

So if playing a game in which your character will significantly alter the world in ways other than massacring NPCs, I encourage you to check out, or find us on telnet at telnet://

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon!


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