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A Quest for a MUD

I'm on a bit of a quest to find MUD's that have the following:

* Free to play
* Coherent Fantasy theme
* Newbie friendly - gentle introduction
* ANSI Colour - clear display
* MAPS at location, city and world level
* Flexible Configuration and Customisation
* Large enough playerbase
* Information steeped inventory and equipped
* Extensive help system
* Clean but informative combat
* Formations/Groups allowed
* Logical and attainable Questing
* Persistant World with solid Roleplay

I wondered if any MUD connector players have suggestions/recommendations for MUD's that cover the majority of these criteria.. I get lost very easily in MUD's so good Auto Mapping is very important to me.

I'm not really coming at this 'quest' with any sort of MUD'ding history attached, I played Realms of Despair many years ago for a while and thats about it, so I'm sort of stepping up to the MUD arena looking for a MUD that has all the bells and whistles it can muster, in terms of interface and usability, with a decent backstory and established lore to get my teeth into..

Anyway, all suggestions are very much appreciated..
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