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Malicious Bliss v2.2 Code Update is coming!

Greetings, and I apologize for the long post but there is so much to say!

Malicious Bliss V2.2 is just about done and we are entering our test stages in the next few days.

Malicious Bliss ( 7000) is a hack n slash social mud based on the Shattered Dreams (ROT) codebase. We have been open for about a month now. Our average online is 15-20. We are averaging 6 new players a day, so come by and check it out.

Some our our standard features include:

800 levels over 4 tiers
5 Ancient Levels
314 skills/spells
Active Classes: Bards sing, vamps satiate etc.
Pandoras Box. Collect the elemental shards, use them to forge epic equipment.
Global quests, automated questing, bounty questing.

Version 2.2 is a massive code update which includes:

16 new songs. 9 new instruments. High level songs require vocal chords, which can be ripped out of the throats of your victims. Some of the new songs include: HUE OR PURITY, ANTHEM OF WAR, HARMONY OF WAR, BLASTING BELLOW, DEFEANING DISCORD.

18 new skills/spells. Plus a combo system. Spinkicks, backfists, forearms and knees. Put them in the right sequence and get a bad ass combo attack. Some of the new skills include: PHYSIC BLAST, HEART PUNCH, FOOT SWEEP, AMPLIFY, SLOW PACE, COBRA STRIKE, MIND SHIELD.

New weave system for casters. Weave baskets, epic containers, and even rifts. 13 new spells as well as a TRANSFORMATION system. Based on your stances, druids can turn into their stance animal, giving huge bonuses depending on the stance. Some new spells include: FLESH RESTORE, STAR FLARE, CYCLONE, ENFUSE, ENTAGLE, SUNBURST, NATURES WRATH, ROCKSLIDE.

New mount system for rangers. Beastmaster I-V allows rangers to summon their pets. Mount the pet, get extra attacks in combat, move without costing move points. 13 new skills/spells, some including: ANIMAL ASPECTS (EYES/FRIENDSHIP/HANDLING/LORE/SUMMONING/TRAINING), CAT EYES, FEIGN DEATH, DETER.

New rune system for mages. Items/objects now affect magic damage. Over 18 new spells including: ARC FIRE, WARSTRIKE, SOHEI, MAELSTORM, BLACK ICE, CHAOS BLAST, SILENCE, PHANTASMAL FORCE.

9 new skills for warriors including: BERSERKER, HEADBANG, TAUNT, INTIMIDATE, BATTLE TACTICS, SEVEN DRUNKEN FAIRIES. Warriors can throw objects and mobs, brawl.

15 new skills/spells. Blood points system. Blood points are used to evolve into the Zombie race, use your high end spells, and add damage to your skills/spells. Some new skills/spells include: ASTRAL FORM, BLOODBATH, DRAIN YOUTH, SHADOWSTRIKE, GORE, MUMMY ROT, FLESH TAINT.

11 new spells. Clerics and healers in general will play a huge part with our group only areas. Some new spells include: ABANDON, HASTY EXIT, FIONNAS GUARD, CURE DEAFNESS, HOLY FURY, HEAL BOT.

Each class has their own epic forged class set, as well as a multi layered quest to build their epic weapons, class specific.

We have opened 4 new areas, including the Ancient only High Elven Fortress, and the much awaited Gelf/Skexie (if you use to play sillymuds, you'll remember skexie )

Our high level areas are group areas. Lots of the mud can be soloable, but some of the best non forged equipment can be found on mobs that require 2-5 players to down. Better join a clan!

And of course, our much vaunted Evolution system. Dragons/Draconia has a multi tiered race evolution system. Undead aswell is also an evolution race, with more coming.

Again, sorry for the long winded post. We have poured hours and hours into this update, and hope the players will enjoy our efforts.

Come check us out at 7000 or check our website out at


Malicous Bliss
Welcome to your Addiction
Dazre - Head Coder, Imp
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