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High-def MUD vids.

Here's a link to two of my more recent mud videos, detailing SOI's character creation as well as an introduction to GodWars 2.

Daniel Laufenberg on Vimeo

The rest of my vids can be found at youtube, you should definitely use Vimeo to watch the mud tutorials though since they are high-def and youtube is high-crap.

YouTube - delerak's Channel

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Re: High-def MUD vids.

Good stuff. Here's some feedback for future reference:

1. Write a script for yourself, even if it's only bullet points. The opening points were awkward given there were assumptions the viewer would know things, when the stated audience was those "not familiar with Godwars 2". It also enforces a sequence that is understandable to a newbie as you gradually introduce topics.

2. The text was nigh unreadable on the vimeo page until you do the following:
(a) ensure the vimeo "HD" feature is on;
(b) click the fullscreen button that appears at the bottom-right when you hover over the video; and,
(c) disable Scaling, which is toggled on the right side of the video when in full screen mode.

3. The entire right half of the video was wasted in both the browser session and the zMUD session; just the nature of MUD text (added vertical height preferred) vs. today's standard of widescreen, I guess.

Depending on your video editing capabilities, you might want to:
i. add some on-screen text the right side of the video to highlight URLs, major talking points and MUD commands.
ii. Crop the start and end points in the video for a smoother start and finish
iii. Manage audio better so the song is an input source, rather than just heard through your speakers via the microphone.

Look forward to the next one.
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