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Has anybody seen a...

Has anybody seen a good MUD with a class type thats like a mage with a bow as a primary weapon?
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Post Re: Has anybody seen a...

RetroMUD's Archer secondary guild is actual focused around the use of hermetic attack spells involving a bow. It's a secondary guild, of course, so you can't take it until level 21, but you can start the game in a number of related professions to help prepare your character for that specialization. For example, starting as a ranger or mage, for either the setup to bow use or magic to compliment it. Similarly, you might consider merchant, which has a variety of hermetic spells, though less offensive and more service oriented ones as a general rule, as well as the basic ranged skills to compliment a bow (although merchants typically use crossbows until they train other weapons in later guilds. You could always take a single level of ranger for the bow skills, if you want it early on). There's also the Alchemist guild, which has a variety of more purely arcane hermetic magic abilities, such as golem creation, potion making, and a few good attack spells (to name just a few of their abilities), as well as training in ranged combat, primarily with thundersticks (alchemically powered muskets). Any of these guilds, or numerous others I haven't listed here, can provide you with a setup like the one you're looking for. Obviously, of course, I'd recommend the archer secondary guild, but you should probably investigate the details for yourself. More info can be found on the webpage: RetroMUD - It's not just a game anymore
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Re: Has anybody seen a...

Or come to Legends of Karinth where your strategy / wield is entirely up to you. Want to be a bow-wielding mage? Great. Train what you want - try it out - erase what you trained, and get back the hours to try something else.

We have archetypes for those who want to specialize on a path without devising their own approach, but those don't restrict someone from training whatever else they want, at any time they have the training hours to do so.

Also, mages (and anyone else) - you scribe your own spells. Learn the spellcraft, scribe what you want, forget spells you decide you don't need. No canned spells.

Oh, and no game-required eating and drinking. You decide if you're hungry and thirsty, and eat and drink when YOU want to, not when some code tells you that you have to.
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