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C++ Coder needed for Dragonlance mud

Greetings all,

I am Nuitari, one of the implementors of Dreams of the Lance. Some of you may have heard of us, some may not. Regardless, we are in dire need of a c++ coder for our game. We have a TON of ideas that we know will seperate our game from the other dragonlance muds out there. We just need someone that shares our vision of an immense, organized, and realistic yet fun dragonlance mud. We have played plenty of DL muds, yet we always find something or another that doesnt quite sit right with us. The "us" and "we" i speak of are 5, myself included. We are all very fond of roleplay, and as such, we want our mud to be mainly roleplay based. We have a lot of original ideas regarding combat, magic, and character creation and development.

The overall feel of our mud will be that of an immersive experience in the world of Krynn. Our tics and passage of time will be slower than we are used to on other muds, but not so slow as to be a bad thing. Night will last quite a while, enabling players to set camps and watches on long journeys between towns or wherever they travel. This will give players extra opportunity to develop their characters and interpersonal relationships, as well as having the option not to set watch, and possibly be descended upon by a band of thieves, or a random encounter.

The idea of reaching inside a container when its dark and being unable to retrieve a torch or anything else for that matter, seems a bit odd, so they will have the ability to bumble around in the pack and grab the item they seek, or perhaps something unintended. This way, they can light a torch they KNOW they have, even though it may be too dark to see. Moonlight will also be prevalent, negating a lot of total darkness scenarios, because as we all know we can see by moonlight, unless inside or under a thick canopy of trees, etc.

Also, our level system will be somewhat distinctive. Levels 1 to 30 will be available to anyone. while the second two tiers(and additional skill sets) are reachable only through roleplay. example: a level 30 warrior has proven his devotion to Mishakal time and time again, therefore she gives him a mission to complete, which will allow him to become a paladin in her name. thus, opening up levels 31-60, as well as the holier warrior skills, such as some healing prayers, or blessings from Mishakal. And eventually, he can become a chosen paladin, gaining even more skills/spells and levels 61-100. All of this roleplay will be watched and participated in, by the imms that wish to help, myself included.

We have MANY more ideas we wish to implement, but to do so, we need a coder. We offer custom items for mortal characters to said coder, as well as possibilities of other perks in game. We are a very active staff, though our current situation is less than stable, as I cannot get the server backups i have to work with a fresh server. Our actual server is still being hosted by our original coder, and i'd like to get it running on my own machine again.

If you think this is something you might be interested in, please respond and I will make sure to contact you.

Thanks and have a great day all.
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Old 04-18-2009, 01:42 PM   #2
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Re: C++ Coder needed for Dragonlance mud

Hello again everyone,

We at Dreams of the Lance are again looking for a coder, a C coder to be exact, the guy that was working with us has gone awol out of nowhere, and we don't know if he's coming back.. he just seems to have vanished after doing quite a bit of work for us

Nothing bad happened just to make it known, we pride ourselves on being some of the nicest stress free people in the dragonlance mud circuit.. hehe..

So yea, if anyone out there is interested in giving us a hand fixing a few bugs and possibly more, we would be grateful.

We're running a Tbamud server, and have quite a bit of custom code so far, thanks to the hard work of Kvasir (the awol guy) and we are hoping he returns, however we still need to work on things. We've waited a bit and have heard nothing from him, he doesn't mind working with others so if youre looking to stay im sure if he does return he wouldnt mind one bit.

We also have quite a lot built, and are very close to being able to open for beta testing but are unable to go any further due to the mud crashing on us every time we try to load it, and none of us know squat about coding but i do know that that is where the bugs are, and we have a whole list of other fun stuff we want to add.

So, in conclusion, if any C coders out there want to work with a fun, stress-free team, shoot me a reply

thanks for your time all, look forward to hearing from you!

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