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In the MUD I'm developing, I would -really- like to give my players a lot of freedom to follow the roleplays they want, and to build their character the way they want to.

However, skills and spells are going to be extremely important. Combat isn't going to be one of those 'hit me 50 times and then watch as I quaff yet another healing potion and run to safety.' More likely if you get hit solidly five or six times you're out for the count in PvP.

So while I'd like to let my people multi class, obviously a warrior/wizard, or a rogue/wizard, would probably be much, much too powerful.

So here's my thought:

Some skills, such as the ability to use a sword, etc. are basic skills that you can learn from many mobs/teachers without having to join a school. Also some spells will probably be like that, although the wizard who would teach a spell to someone who wasn't also wizard will be extremely rare.

However if you join a clan/school, then you're magically bound to that place: the things you learn from that school will fade very quickly from your mind after you leave the school... maybe within one RL week, you've forgotten all of the clan-specific skills.

Also, depending on your class, certain other 'fields' will fade from your mind. For instance, if you were a warrior, and you join a wizard's school, it's assumed that you'll be so focused on your study that you wont be practicing with a sword too frequently. So unless you go and actually whack away at a practice dummy for a while, that skill will start to degrade slowly.

Stat-related thoughts:

Here's my idea for stats. At creation, you'll pick which stats you want to invest into. So lets say you choose to make a wizard with (boiling it down to three stats) 14 Strength, 20 Magic, and 11 Health.

Later on in life, you choose to become a warrior. You can then go to a warrior school, and if you join it, you can (over the course of a few RL months) slowly adjust your stats to a maximum of 5 in each slot. So you could end up with 19 str, 15 mag, and 16 ht character. That's a decent warrior, although not as powerful as someone who'd "dedicated their life" to it and chose to be say a 20 str, 5 mag, 20 ht character.

Also, say the second character decided to become a mage. They would never move beyond a 15 str, 10 mag, 15 ht character. A decent wizard, but again never as powerful magically as the first one was.

My thought being that if you're a college student, and say brilliant at math, you'd have a high intellegence score with math at 95% . But then say you were drafted into the army--over the next couple of years, you'd probably forget a lot of the math details you knew, and while you wouldn't become 'dumb', your ability to learn technical things would probably decrease a bit if all you were focusing on was lifting weights and running. Thus why players wouldn't be able to just completely relocate their stat points.

If you ever left the army and went back to college, you could probably pick the math back up very quickly, but you'd have to sacrifice a lot of your physical training time to do it. However it's very rare for a person to lose all of the effects that physical training had.

Obviously for game mechanics, all of those situations will be exadurated... I mean you don't suddenly become a dumb jock because you join a warrior school, or turn from Rambo into Stephen Hawking just because you started at a wizard school... but you get the idea.

Another thought:

Maybe wounds would allow a character to gain a little more skill in magic, or 'dedication' to a warrior school would let them gain more strength/health.

For instance if you're a warrior and you suffer a severe blow to the leg (via RP--not through actual mob/pvp battle) that damages your knee and leaves you with a major limp, clearly your 'health' factor will go down a little. For the amount that goes down, you could raise your magic skill a little more.

If you're a mage and you totally dedicate yourself to a warrior's life, then you could sacrifice more magic power for strength and health.

The risk of doing these, of course, being that for the warrior-turned-wizard, he'd probably end up with a little less health than even a regular wizard would have.

For the wizard-turned-warrior, he would lose those magic points forever. He -could- return to the wizard training, but when his stats readjusted he still would never regain all of his old magical power.

Also let me say that having at least some points in your magic stat is important, because if you have -zero- magic, that means that helpful enchantments/spells can't help you. Those draw not only from the caster, but from the person it's being cast on--which is why they're easier to cast.

A spell meant to hurt someone takes magic only from the caster. So while, if you had zero magic, you couldn't have a fire-shield cast on you, you could still get your ass rosted by having a fireball tossed at you .

Also, to a small amount, how much magic ability you have will determine just how much spells and enhancements actually do help you. So a wizard with a 20 magic stat, who had a shielding spell cast on him, would be better defended than a warrior with a 10 magic skill who had that same spell cast on him. It wouldn't be a huge, huge difference, but enough that it would be obvious in the cast of a 20 magic stat vs. say a 5 magic stat.
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These are really good ideas, in theory. My advice would be to find a system that allows you to use advanced "IF" searches as well as advanced "Counter" options. Some systems would be the Rapture system by Iron Realm Entertainment or the father of the Rapture system, owned by I've heard of a few DIKU systems that have been tankered with grant the advanced options, but to my knowledge, none of them are willing to sell their system for the sake of copyright laws. Good luck with your mission. I look forward to seeing its end results.

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