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Wink New Planned RPI MUD Listing Site

First off, this post might be coming a bit early. But I want to get a feel for interest to figure out how much work I want to put into this, so here we go:

What is "Sundog Games"?

Sundog Games is the name of my website, and the name under which I plan to produce a number of small, future gaming and programming projects that I am working on. These are portfolio-type projects and are not intented for commercial gain. It's also the site for work I'm doing on my own MUD, which is currently in slow (private) development. Blah, blah, blah, no one's going to want to see that crap.

So, why do you care?

I want to give back to the community that I have been a part of for nearly ten years. I want the site to become a second haven for roleplaying-intensive MU*s (although MUDs are certainly my area of interest).

What can it offer?

- RPI MUD Directory
Currently, I am working on setting up a directory-like listing for RPI* muds. I do not intend to offer voting; as someone has said before, this feature has become a little overdone. I believe the MUD community should be working together, not trying to cheat one another out of a "top spot."

* I use the word "RPI" loosely here, given how vague the term has become. For inclusion on the 'RPI List', however, MUDs will have to fit within the boundries of a stricter set of requirements, many of which lie at the heart of the RPI-definition debate. Contact me about these if you're curious.

- Resource Directory
Similar to this site, old-school Kyndig, and the MudConnector, I want to offer interested people easily-searchable access to information, from obscure codebases, to tutorials, to less-obvious things like writing guides or generators.

Stealing an idea posted by Threshold that I particularly liked (I hope he doesn't mind), I'd also like to offer visitors ways to share their characters, stories, pictures, logs, and experiences. This love for the imaginative is what we share in the RPI* community.

What's it need?

Mainly, interest.

The site is not 'ready' for its first public appearance, which is why I'm not posting any links. I just want to see who would be interested in this, or would like to help in getting it set up. If not, it'll take longer to get up (as for now, it's a solo-act), but it's a done deal.

I'm not an artist -- so if there's anyone who'd like to help with this project and can create graphics, or has knowledge of visual design, I'd appreciate a shout. Because the site has other purposes (such as serving as a work site for my own game), I would be willing to talk about paid commissions on this. PHP or web programmers interested in fixing problems are, of course, also welcome, as are community leaders and anyone who wants to talk ideas and make the site everything it can be.

Anyone who's interested is encouraged to email me at or AIM me at 'Lunar Parhelion'.
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