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LegendMUD - Port of London, 1841

After venturing in the waters of the Industrial Era, I finally pull into the Port of London.
This city certainly seems a busy and bustling hive of activity, as I pass all manner of people from very well dressed women to the young, obviously hard working folks: chimney sweeps and the like.

I clamp my hand to my wallet is there a pickpocket about? My fears are somewhat relieved when I notice a local bobby prowling the streets keeping order and deterring the untrustworthy types. Iím weaving in and out through the people and just starting to explore this land, when a child who seems to be dressed a little differently than the rest catches my eye....

Taken from actual game-

Harbour Row
A wide street full of hustle and activity, Harbour Row serves as the main
artery to the docks on this side of town. The cobblestones in the paving are
worn smooth, and more than a few have been pried loose by sailors' wives to
give to their husbands as a token of home. The Row, as it is familiarly
called, leads north to abandoned old St. Stephen's Church and south to the
docks. A large inn is west and the postal office is to the east.
[Exits: n e s w]
A rat scuttles along, looking for something to eat.
A woman decked out in parasol and high-necked dress is here.
A child is here dressed up in a sailor's outfit.

Looking a bit lost, the child looks back at you curiously.

You ask a child, 'lost?'

A child says, 'I dashed off while my mum was shopping and now I can't find
A child sniffs sadly.

Should I help this obviously lost child? Would you?

LegendMUD is into its 15th year. Please visit us at: LegendMUD Official Website
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