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LegendMUD: Gypsy Carnival

Shortly after leaving the bustling Port of London, I find my stomach beginning to rumble and I decide to head off in the direction of Paris. It’s a city I’ve been to before, and I’m already browsing several of the cafe and restaurant menus from memory. My travel from the shoreline is mainly uneventful, with only a lone wandering minstrel to distract me from my meal.

Just before the city limits, I come across something that wasn’t here the last time I visited… a travelling carnival! With so much to see and do, I can’t help but delay my meal long enough to play one of the many games.

Taken from actual game:

You buy a silver token.

You put a silver token in a coin slot.

A curious skills machine whirrs and grinds as a small music box plays some strange carnival music.

A painted wooden alligator opens its mouth slowly and closes it again.

A painted wooden alligator opens its mouth slowly and closes it again.

A silver token rolls down the slot and falls through the air landing with a disappointing 'clink' onto the painted sea below the alligator.

A little sign flashes 'Try Again!'

A little wooden alligator closes his mouth shut and the skills machine groans sickly as it becomes still once again.

That meal is going to have to wait a bit longer. I have to try that again... and see some of the others too!

This is just one minor game in the dozens of attractions within the “Gypsy Carnival”, which in turn is just one of over 60 areas in LegendMUD. LegendMUD will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this month. Come join the community and partake in the adventure, mystery, quests and exploration!

We can be found at: LegendMUD Official Website
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