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Play a Mighty Dragon! Realistic Player Dragons at 6D!

As you walk down the road, an old traveler says, 'Greetings!'

The hair on the back of your neck stands straight up, as you pick out the shadow
of a dragon coming from the traveler.

You think to yourself could this be one of the awe inspiring "Dragon Lords" of stories
that you were told as a child?

You mumble out quickly, Greetings Kind Sir.. and as soon as your past him you start
running the other way.

6 Dragons one of the few muds available today with realistic dragon play for players.

Dragons grow in size and power as they level. Dragons can quest for their own lairs
at an appropriate level. Dragons gain the ability to assume human form allowing them
to enter places that would be entirely too small for their large frames. Dragons do
not wear the regular equipment that other races receive. Dragons have custom
skills and features that make them unique.

Give us a try today.....

6 Dragons
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