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tbaMUD 3.58 release

We are happy to announce yet another release of tbaMUD, the
continued development of the CircleMUD codebase. If you are
interested in a mature and stable codebase with dedicated
staff and support please check us out.

Download here: releases directory | tbaMUD
Full changelog here:

Feedback appreciated, To checkout the SVN:
svn checkout Revision 143: /circlemud tbamud

The tbaMUD vision:
TbaMUD's vision is to provide the MUDding community a stable and
functional codebase that includes an in-depth World and help files
that makes it ready to be molded into a custom MUD by its coders and
builders. We also provide multiple resources to allow for feedback,
contribution, and the sharing of ideas within the MUDding community
to ensure constant development and improvements.
TbaMUD is highly developed from the programming side, but highly
UNdeveloped on the game-playing side. So, if you're looking for a
huge MUD with billions of spells, skills, classes, and races, tbaMUD
will disappoint you. TbaMUD still has only the 4 original Diku
classes, the original spells, and the original skills. On the other
hand, if you're looking for a highly stable, developed, organized,
and well documented "blank slate" MUD on which you can put your OWN
ideas for spells, skills, and classes, then tbaMUD is what what you
are looking for.

The source: patches directory | tbaMUD
The forums: Forums | tbaMUD

TBA's Vision:
The most challenging aspect of running a mud is finding good
builders. You will hear this from the admin of every MUD that has
ever been. In the past it has always been up to each individual MUD
to find and attempt to train their own builders. This works, but I
think the MUDding community can come up with something better. That
is why I created The Builder Academy.
TBA has been open to anyone interested in learning or teaching how
to build using Oasis OLC with dg scripts since 2000. TBA is now being
used to develop the tbaMUD codebase (formerly known as CircleMUD).
TBA has trained thousands of builders and has an extensive
tutorial and help file system. No pressure, no deadline, just come
learn, teach, or help develop tbaMUD. Give back to the community we
have all taken so much from. TBA is a MUDding resource. Please take
advantage of it so we can improve all of the MUDding community.
TBA is a low stress, no deadline, training environment. Where
anyone with motivation can work at their own pace to learn as much or
as little as they wish. Numerous people are available to answer
questions and give advice. 1000's of builders served and counting.
TBA can even be used by other MUDs as a builder's port. Just send
us your newbie builders. We will teach them and then you can have
them back with the zones they build.

We are always open to anyone willing to learn, teach, or help
develop tbaMUD.
The Builder Academy 9091
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