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Seeking Experienced Smaug Builder Staff

After many changes to the code base and skills/spells in the realm of Draenor,
we are looking for some more helpful builders to come in and assist us with
going through existing areas and readjusting all items in all areas, and all mobs.

Obviously given we are an old realm that has been around for a long time,
we have a large area collection. So this will go much faster with more hands
go through this process. We also want to remove the older stock areas, the
few that are left in the realm, and take them out completely. At least the ones
no longer in use. Holy grove etc. Not alot left only a handful, we have about 40+
unique area's we will have to go through and perform these modifications on.

This is due to alot of things, mostly major code work changes, skill/spell changes,
and other factors. All creatures now need death progs for respect point use etc.

So I have gone ahead and build a rather nice little Builders School over on
my builders port for new builders to reference anytime they have questions
or needs, before going and asking me. There is also a nice note board there
with further notes on other issues not covered in the rooms of the school.

Each Builder will be given 1 area to go over and edit at a time till this process
has been completed. When the area is done in that builders eyes, I will go over
it with them and either says its good to go over live, or make some sugestions
and discuss some sticking points stoping that. No builder has an immortal over
on the main server side of the realm. No area other then the 1 assigned will be
taken to live and even then only after being looked at. The builders can of
course choose what ever area they want to start with etc.

So if you are an experienced smaug builder, who is looking to have a hand in
changing a realm and adding more to it, then please do stop on by for a visit.

Port: 23

Head Immortal: Lazerous [Founder]
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