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Old 01-25-2006, 09:57 AM   #1
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Ok, I've played the 4 Iron Realms MUDs and I enjoyed the quality of writing, great help files and friendly community.

What I didn't like: Having to join a guild to get access to decent skills. Having to work very hard to find monsters to fight. Long term, not being able to compete with the players who have bought items and skill boosts with vast amounts of real money.

So... what I'm looking for is a MUD based on a system like Diablo II or DnD 3rd edition. By that I mean an insteresting system, with lots of options of how to build your character. Now, I'm not all about hack'n'slash, I do like to roleplay, but I'm also playing a game, and therefore need options and interest. I don't want to be a level 15 electromancer or whatever, and still be fighting Lambs and Cows. I want real monsters, identifiably and morally evil, like goblins, skeletons, lesser demons etc...

I've looked at the websites for Aardwolf and Carrion Fields and lots of top 20 and top 40 muds, and I often see this.
Class Sorcerer
Level 1 dodge, recall, dagger
Level 2 magic missile
Level 3 blah blah blah

Where are the choices? Look at Diablo II, I can build my Barbarian or Assassin a hundred different ways, I'm not restricted to getting this skill at that level.... yawn

Ok, by now you should understand what I want. Please please please help me find my ideal MUD!

Thankyou in advance,
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This is not the appropriate forum for advertising, so I've posted a response here.
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You won't find any skill lists on Armageddon's Website.

You can still branch skills from skills you like to use.
No visible levels, no visible Xp.

Give it a try, but just beware that it isn't for everyone.

You won't find any High Fantasy monsters, like goblins, orcs, and all that jazz. You will however, find those evil gith, creatures that just want to eat you and templars that are just ****ed off.

People aren't inheretly evil, but some Pcs are evil as can be and races just seem evil. Like those mangy halflings? They don't speka s civilised language, and they EAT humans. Scary thought if I do say so myself.

If you are into RP, you can do what I've done a few times. Play a Pc with just their wits alone. No coded skills.
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Sorry to hear you having trouble finding a mud. Think part of the problem may be mud makers dont want to just copy d2. I know we dont. We'd just lose if we tried to completely emulate a graphical game, because well, theirs has graphics.. A mud beats a game like that on gameplay depth, we got a complex combat system thats very anti-bot, as you'll find out if you try a warrior at our place.

I dont post to recommend our mud often but I figure I might recommend AR. Only because you mentioned d2 and I used to be really into that, as did most the other AR imps, and a lot of our players, so it left a mark on our mud (like a lot of muds), but we also realised the huge failings, Blizzard's route of turning the game balance completely upside down with its patches being one of those. I'm the only AR imp who bothered to play the expansion though, I'm a big fan of the trapassin these days since thats the first character I soloed 1.10 hell with.

Conc barb fan play a warrior
Frenzy barb fan play a berserker and have fun raging on stuff (but getting pawned when caught raged)
Amazon fan maybe play a ranger (we got a really nice bows/javelins code)
Assassin fans play a ninja for M/A, the rest..well the thieves still need work and eventually they'll get it.

We also have a pretty decent gambling random-eq thingy, you'll probably like that if you dabbled with that in d2, because unlike d2, it doesnt just really suck, although its in similar vein. Chaotic ethos gets bonuses for this.

Sorry but its got the same old skills at level 1, 2, 3, etc thing you mentioned and yawned about. But Diablo 2 also has level restrictions on their skills as well btw, and you still have to level to pump more points into them to make them work well, so I dont really see a lotta difference there. D2 players have to level to wear gear for that matter. We dont have that, unless the object is store bought (so we're able to sell good eq in shops without it just getting multied). And also some common multied stuff. I think the gameplay's deep enough you'd not mind the skill tree, its not like d2 where you click-and-hold that one great skill, or even cycle between 2, but in fact its more like you've always got at least 2-3 choices of what to do, becuase you need to pick for the situation, and then having spells up in the background and other preps to worry about. Preps on AR arent as important as some muds of this type... its just 'get sanc up and then do battle' really, you wouldnt be bad off if you had 16 purple potions. Just dont expect to be able to store them in your belt. Heh.

AR extra class diversity comes from race pick - e.g. different strength/dex which affects skills (we have skills which are primarily dex based and others strength based, all in one class skill set, so the race choice does impact how you use skills, and when.. a giant warrior plays totally different to an elf warrior thats for sure) ... umm, instead of weapon masteries for warriors, we did "favoured weapons", which are race-based. I think elf is swords & off-hand swords, dwarf get two-handed, one-handed & off-hand axes, halflings get staff & dagger, etc. We also do 'racial legacies' for high exp cost combos we added for fantasy reasons, but need a little push to be worth their exp cost. Elf ranger is a good example here, as is dwarf berserker, those legacies are definitely worth checking out. We're gonna be adding more things like that for other classes.

[code] Racial legacy
Drow Dark-Knight; Auspice of Ilythir, Silver Spider.
Drow Ninja; Poison Mastery, Shadowmeld.
Duergar Thief; Faerie Bane, Vicious Stroke.
Dwarf Berserker; Blooding, Final Reserve.
Elf Ranger; Forestmeld, True Shot.
Half-Elf Bard; Bardic Blessing, Bardic Charm
Half-Elf Paladin; Greginsham Plate, Inspiration.
Half-Elf Ranger; Foresthaven, Woodcrafting.
Half-Elf Warrior; Boundless Mastery, Lucky Strike.

Webpage in sig, if you can be bothered.
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Click here to continue this discussion if you wish.

This is not the appropriate forum as KaVir stated, but rather than move this post I'll just leave the link here to the other thread he kindly started in the right forum and other prospective MUDs wishing to tout their charms can post there.
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