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ZoneCraft: Online Strategic Board Game

I am an experienced MUD developer but it's not the only thing I develop. I am also building a whole new MUD Client from scratch with my good friend and a couple of days ago I got finished the first version of ZoneCraft.
ZoneCraft is a graphical board game but it runs in MUD Server as an inner game and you can play it with a MUD Client! Playing ZoneCraft only requires that special MUD Client and creation of a new account. You don't need to slay any elves to play ZoneCraft :P

ZoneCraft is very similar to Go but there are several major differences between them. I don't know if it evolved from Go or how it came to be but we used to play it in school on squared paper. I think a couple of good screenshots can do the talking:

The rules are very simple. ZoneCraft is classically turn based. You make a dot somewhere on a free place (You cannot put your dot inside your own or your opponent's already claimed zone) and you attempt to connect all your dots around your opponent's dots or zones to own a new area. Typically a game ends when your opponent surrenders but also when there is no room left - the winner has more land/captured dots.

I haven't seen another implementation for this cool game so in September I decided to create one. A couple of days ago I finished and there is the first playable version online and running.

To play you are going to need a game client. Download one here:
AMC - Arion MUD Client is something I've been working on since 2007. ZoneCraft actually runs in MUD server but you don't need to create a new character to play ZoneCraft, these two games are independent. However, you can play ZoneCraft while playing Arion MUD but that's not the topic today.

1. Start your amc from ZoneCraft.bat or ZCFull.bat because then it loads required features for playing ZoneCraft.
2. Create a new account by simply entering your account's name. Follow the lead.
3. Type ZONECRAFT or Z or ZC (doesn't have to be capital letters) in account menu to see ZoneCraft options.
4. It is recommended to join the lobby too so you should type LOBBY in the account menu.
*. When a game is on use these keys: Arrows to move the board, mouse scroll or + and - to zoom, ESC to close amc, page up/down to change the board's angle.

As the implementation is totally newborn, don't expect it to be bug free (: and there not many players online.

You can write me an e-mail:


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