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MUD side effects

What side effects good or bad have you experienced from excessive mudding?

for me the main good one has been leaning to touch type without even realizing! before i mudded i could type reasonably well but only by looking at the keyboard... after a few months of mudding i was typing up an essay and relizing that i now touch type all the time!
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Talking Re: MUD side effects

Same here, still 2 finger but I can type better and faster than I used to.

Quests on GateWay have helped me to think "laterally" more. My background is board war games where rules and mathematical analysis are prized (and are my natural strength) so having to think freely (unconstrained by the rules) to solve MUD quests has given me that new ability.

Hmmm here's a thought... putting mudding on your resume. ;-)
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Re: MUD side effects

Carpal tunnel.
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Re: MUD side effects

Originally Posted by Dionae View Post
Carpal tunnel.
In this case as well as with eye or muscle strain make sure you get up at least every hour and walk around a bit and do something else for a few minutes. Also you should look away from your computer every fifteen minutes and focus on something else even if it is the wall.

A healthy gamer is a good gamer
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Re: MUD side effects

I've found that my ability to spell a number of complex, very esoteric words like moxibustion, haschishin, and similar, when I'm too lazy to alias them, has been improved by time spent on MUDs. Now, if only I had an excuse to use those kind of words outside of a MUD format. . .
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