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Drugs in MUDs

Anyone mind giving me a list of MUDs that use mind-altering substances or can refer me to some? It's quite amusing.

Btw this is hilarious:
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

Imperian and some of the other Iron Realms MUDs have weed in them, which makes you see all sorts of crazy colors. It can be quite fun, as an occasional gimmick.

Achaea, though, has gleam, which is some pretty hardcore stuff. So hardcore that it got a Slashdot mention a few years ago.
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

I just ran across the following in the wiki for HellMoo:

Endurance This is probably the most underrated and best stat in the game. Endurance is important for resisting stuns from spew and resisting adverse conditions such as shock, knockout, and zombie rot. It also determines what drug dosages you can handle without getting strung. Basically, having enough endurance to use 8-10 mg methamphetamine should be your goal, which is around 14 total endurance. Obviously, more endurance will help a lot with avoiding strung, but 14 is enough to do 10mg with maybe one or two strung doses if you use crank only. If you are going to be on it for extended periods of time (such as if you are a fists user with a reflexes dump stat) then you likely want to have at least 17-18 endurance. Having too high (usually about 18+) of endurance can be very bad if you are not a Hideous Freak because the stress will quickly become unmanageable without having an arsenal of THC grenades and hypos at your command. If you have extremely high endurance, you can get away with doing 4 doses of coke in one bite of food, just like an abomination can, with minimal coke strung.
No, I can't really tell you how this works out in the game. I'm not sure that I want to find out. But, if you want drugs in a MU*, I'd say they've got 'em.
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

Midkemia has the Dark Path for Moredhel (for those unfamiliar with the lore of the Riftwar Saga, the Dark Path is followed by the Moredhel race, who seek to claim the evil magical power of the Valheru Dragon Lords that once ruled the universe). Anyway, in terms of game mechanics, they can draw on this dark power in places where it lingers, which acts as a fairly powerful self buff for a period of time. However, they become more addicted the more they draw on it, and eventually will suffer withdrawals if they don't keep using it.
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Post Re: Drugs in MUDs

I know RetroMUD has some drugs, with effects such as hallucinations, and even used to have a guild with drug usage as a minor part of its theme (the Hand Guild, as an assassin guild vaguely resembling Marco Polo's version of the hashasheen, though it's been revamped into the Assassin Guild, a more tactically interesting shift, which cut out the drugs and religious skills. There are still drugs and hallucinations and such around though.)

I believe DiscworldMUD also has some drugs, though I'm fuzzy on the details. They've got a number of snacks and drinks which make your character act oddly, and I at least suspect their might be some actual drugs in the mix somewhere, but I can't think of where they'd be at exactly.
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

Originally Posted by Violette View Post
Anyone mind giving me a list of MUDs that use mind-altering substances or can refer me to some? It's quite amusing.

Btw this is hilarious: Get high in Second Life (second life + drugs + digital drugs + warren ellis)
Yep, I can say that 2 of my home muds do. Not sure what that says about me since I'm a TeaTotaller and complete square.

GateWay MUD has Wacky Tobacco that makes you paranoid, sleepy or gives you the munchies. :-) It also has frogs that you can lick for a rather interesting effect. Also there's a hidden man in the Orient who you can smoke Opium with if you give him some.

MUME has mauve petals you can smoke which do some odd things as well. Haven't really figured that out though so it might not be applicable. Oh and there's also mushrooms one can eat for freaky effects. And I don't mean those Farmer Maggot grows!
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

Armageddon has them in the form of "spice." The funny thing is that they're, from a coding perspective, very similar to potions. They offer various buffs and enhancements depending on the drug. They also have the potential for dependence and overdose. From a roleplaying perspective, though, they're looked at as drugs. They're banned in one city. There's a merchant house that has pretty much made its fortune from harvesting and distributing them, and they're a pretty integral part of the overall culture and atmosphere of the game.

Oh, there is also a hallucinogenic "poison" that some people take recreationally. It causes hallucinations in the form of random echoes to the player.
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

Ironclaw has some.
We've created "new" drugs, because we want the roleplay of drugs, crime etc. without making it too close to home for the other players. The primary drug in use is called an "exotic grain" which looks like a grain of rice that is swallowed.

That helps us avoid the problems of players OOC having strong opinions. In another game where pot was introduced, you'd get problems where some players would strongly oppose the drug, while others would strongly endorse it - which is fine from a game perspective, but bad when the players OOC feelings are too strong on the matter. Keeping it that little bit distant helps the players react as their characters rather than as themselves.

Our drugs are primarily just emits to the player to let them know how they're feeling, as well as emits to the rest of the witnesses. The emits might not always match (so one drug may make the character feel confident and suave, while the audience may see them drooling and slurring their words.)

We also have a lot of drugs used for medicinal purposes (which some characters are addicted to)

And, of course, tobacco and alcohol...

Amusingly, since our characters are anthro animals, most of the cat players roleplay that they treat catnip as a drug, too.
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Re: Drugs in MUDs

NWA has a few drugs that mostly have the same coded effect as getting drunk,. such as grass roots cigars....
there are also druid mushrooms that have healing powers at the expense of hallucinations (becoming very drunk)
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