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Lensmoor - Come Play With Us!

Lensmoor would like to invite you to come check out our
wonderful world! We've been around for years and are always
looking for fresh faces. We have a great playerbase with
about 55 people on during peak times, most of whom are very

Here are some highlights of our many great features:

Classless Sytem, Or is it?
You are not forced to choose a class upon character
creation, oh no! Players may learn any and all spells and
skills that are available in the game, albeit through much
hard work.

Instead of a forced class system, we have a specialization
system. Specialization allows you to choose a set spec, such
as a warrior, crafter, healer, thief, in which the skills in
that particular spec will gain an automatic bonus and
increase faster than other skills. Yes! You can change your
specialization without recreation!

Two Rival Continents
Upon creation, choose which continent you will call home.
Will you be an inhabitant of the lush lands of Lensmoor? Or
perhaps you will be a battle hardened traveler of the barren
lands of Antrippa. Both are in constant heat with eachother
over racial and tensions of past battles!

Many Races
Each continent has 8 different starting races to choose
from. Each race has their own unique stats, appearances,
advantages, and disadvantages.

Lensmoorian Races
Ent - tree-folk, slow, but strong & wise.
Gnome - short & sturdy, humorous folk.
Haikjadeam - matriarchal snake-skinned warriors.
Human - the standard race, you & me.
Quickling - fast, short, and hyper
Selkie - aquatic seal people.
Sidhe - noble elves.
Sprite - tiny winged creatures.

Antrippan Races
Alaemn - Small bat-like imps.
Arachnaia - Evolved spiders.
Cyclops - Large monocular warriors.
Gandor - Ogre-like folk
Louryl - Slender natural born leaders.
Orc - Filthy humanoid scavengers.
Skulks - Dark spindly shadow-dwellers.
Xorrto - Scaled aquatic killers.

Over 180 Levels
Upon reaching level 91, you may choose to REMORT. Remorting
allows you to be reborn into a much stronger form, or a new
race all together, returning to to level 1 so that your new
form may be trained again with higher abilities.

Remort Races
Angel - avatars of Good
Demon - avatars of Evil
Dragon - reptilian beasts
Genie* - elemental beings of raw magic.
Gilska* - reclusive psionic beings.
Knaeli** - leprechaunish beings
Liche - undead beings preserved and
Shapeshifter - a being with morphing ability
Tautha** - very advanced humans
Troll - bonded with earth as living rock
Rebirth - same race remorts with enhanced leadership

* Antrippan remort race
** Lensmoorian remort race

Hero status may be achieved after level 91, bringing a whole
new leveling aspect to the game. Beware, attaining Hero
status is a very difficult achievement!

Roleplaying is optional, yes highly recommended in Lensmoor.
Active roleplayers can award RP points to people whom they
enjoyed roleplaying with, so that others may see how well
they participate in roleplaying. RP points also have other
uses for other features such as Hero status,
building/expanding your very own home, plus more.

Status System
Did Jane just walk up to you, stomp on your foot, spit in
your face, then run away from you when you challenged her to
a duel? Lets all of Lensmoor know of your contempt for her
and/or her foolish demeanor!

Lensmoor's status system is an in character means of letting
other characters know how you feel about them and others so
that the world may know of their actions.

PK System
PK is purely optional in Lensmoor. All PK must be done from
a roleplaying standpoint. Meaning, you cannot just run
around offing people at will. There is, however a FULL PK
option that you can toggle on or off to participate in
unhindered, full on PK with no consequences.

Fully Customizable Crafting
Take on over 25 different craft skills to create your own
items for yourself, or others! Crafting will allow you to
gather, and create raw items which can then be custom
DETAILed to make them look however you want them to! There
is way too much to list here.

Build Your Own House!
With a customizable house building system the possibilities
are endless. Create your own home or expand it into a huge

Open up Shop
You, too, can own your very own shop. Sell various items
from across the lands and reap the benefits of having your
own, player-owned shop.

Join a Clan!
Lensmoor has a fully customizable clan system as well. Join
others in a clan to forward your cause or create your own,
new clan. Clans can be PK or NON-PK. Clans may have their
own customizable clan hall where they can rest in safety
along with other benefits.

Join a Religion
Find your cause by joining one of 25 current religions.
Become a follower of the evil God of Death, Arawn, a
wandering explorer of the neutral God of Travel, Aldur, or
perhaps walk the path of the pure as a follower of the
Goddes of Compassion, Rhosme.

Religion allows you to use divine spells as well as have a
chance to become part of the higher clergy in the religion.

This list is long with the possibilities in Lensmoor! There
is much to see, do and learn. Come check us out. We are very
newbie friendly. Be sure to ask any questions on the
NEWBIEHELP channel. Chances are, once you join, you may
receive several personal messages from players offering help
as well!

If you have any other questions, you can always email me
directly or contact Skyler in game

Good luck, happy adventures, and we hope to see you soon! port:3500
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