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I've played quite a few muds, but those were years ago. I'm trying to get back into it, and I'm really looking for one that I can enjoy. Here are the nececities:

Kingdom combat: Player/(DM/wizard/immortal/whatever) run kingdoms, cities, or any kind of territory-based conquest.

Roleplay: I need some roleplay, and i can deal with extreme roleplay, but there needs to be SOME.

A leveling system. This will be a RPG game first, but with good pvp.

Optional, but prefered:

Player-controled NPC's: You can lead men into battle.

A LARGE player base. It would be much more fun to lead your 20 friends against the enemies 20 men.

Thanks for your help
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Shattered Kingdoms ( 1996, website here  ) might fit what you are looking for.

RP enforced mud with focus on PvP, with a levelling system.

All kingdoms are run by players, the type of political organization in place depending on the specific society. Said player groups have influence on the economic conditions in the kingdom, and they can command the soldiers of said nation.

Playerbase is medium-large. Not past 100, but 30ish in low times, and 60-70ish at peak times.


I'll add that if you can live with a levelless system, you should have a look at DartMUD as well - I think you may find the feudal political games interesting.  Player-wise, I don't know if it is big enough for what you are looking for though. There is álso Armageddon (bear in mind that perma-death may not be your thing, and that Armageddon also is levelless) and Carrion Fields.
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Thanks a lot, it seems quite fun
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