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Thumbs up An immersive and friendly RolePlay Experience!

Do you want an immersive Roleplay experience where you're not only encouraged to Roleplay but its also enforced and rewarded? A place where players can learn skills and build their characters through Roleplaying with other players? A place where the staff is friendly, players are too, PK is restricted and requires valid Roleplay? With an incredible code base, room descriptions, mob descriptions, quests, and more?

Then check out The Sea of Storms (TSoS). TSoS is a Wheel of Time based mud, but new players don't need to know the setting, many have never read the books, the players and staff and the world itself is a great introduction to all the concepts that have been created by the books and replicated by TSoS.

We have 6 unique melee weapon types: daggers, swords, axes, staves, spears and ashandarei. Along with special weapon types, ranged weapons, throwing weapons, and channeling. With a unique forms system for each of the 6 primary weapons with up to 300 different forms.

With our leveless and classless approach, players advance at their own pace, working on the skills, forms or weaves they want to work.

You can't become powerful overnight at TSoS, or even in a week or a month, but the immersive Roleplay and the dedication required to bring your character to its full potential feels like a real accomplishment each time you reach the next step.

Come by and check us out. Roleplay on TSoS once and you'll never want to go anywhere else again.

Website: The Sea of Storms: A Wheel of Time MUD
Flash Portal: The Sea of Storms: A Wheel of Time MUD - Play Now!
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