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Old 06-17-2006, 11:53 AM   #1
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KendroKid is on a distinguished road

hi, so, I have been around playing muds for about 3 years now.

My friend introduced me to Imperian, of which i quickly fell in love   but i guess after a while i came to realise that Imperian is a mud for the rich, and im certainly not rich.

I loved the combat system, and the guilds and the cities and the areas, but i just can't get on with the majority of the player base. I want a game where i dont have to spend, anything! i dont want to pay rediculously to always be infinitely worse off than the people who have more money/been there longer/have -connections-

it just doesnt appeal to me at all.

I've played other muds, and some seem to be similar, most in fact. One mud i did try, and loved was Kavir's Godwars 2, its great, the system is wonderful and the support and the style of the game is pretty good. But its missing one thing that i need- Roleplay o.o

So in short, i want a roleplay game.
- in no way P2P
- not huge numbers of people, relying more on a sense of community than 'get as many as you can and make them pay to be cool. '
- a system of play where things can be pretty even, i've encountered f2p games that are still pretty unfair in the way that people playing from the start will -always- be stronger than you.
- any era/setting, im most fond of playing the fantasy styled games.
- i really like combat that is more player reliant than skill reliant, and one  that doesnt mean people with the best system win :S
- id love a mud that kinda forces cooperation, maybe in an written / narrated storyline (if any such thing exists) i guess like... things happen, raids, events and people have to rp and work with them - imperian did a bit of this which was really nice!
- ohh yeh! its gotta work on my mac, most muds do, but a small number dont. which are usually the best looking ones, with specific client software. o.o

i dont know much about code and stuff, i really dont

i do love muds though, and i am really into sticking with a mud when the environment is right

Any Help is appreciated, im on the verge of giving up on something i really love to do, makes me sad o.o

but yeh! thanks alot in advance!
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Inferno has everything you described, especially role-play and ongoing storylines. I'm not sure I'd say that combat is more player-dependent than skill-dependent, or that a person newly arrived in town is going to overpower and outspend someone who's been there for years. But everyone is starting from the beginning on July 9th when we reopen the game. It will be 100% free to play. The role-play is *TOP NOTCH* and there are always storylines ongoing. There will be multiple events every week run by live GMs and usually leading up to a large quest-scale events at their culminations. There will also be large events every month or two: auctions, gladitorial games, craft fairs, masquerade balls, "The Maze," etc. We take pride in the fact that players create the history of Inferno, whether it be good or bad. Your decisions and the actions you take determine the outcomes of events, quests and storylines. Nothing is predetermined.

*NOTE: "Quest" does not mean "automated auto-quest." We have our share of auto-quests, but when I say "quest" I mean a large-scale GM-run role-playing event that takes weeks for the staff to prepare and most times more than 12 hours for the players to "complete." (I quote complete because role-play never ends. Stories don't finish and go away. They become part of history, and you never know when they'll pop up again.)
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Davairus is an unknown quantity at this point
You sound like the kind of player we want at AR.

port: 9000
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Adventures Unlimited also seems to have some of the features you are looking for. In response to your checklist, I'll describe some of them for you, so that you can decide if you want to check us out.

PVP is purely optional. Players can choose to join the system between levels 15-25, and the system is strictly roleplay enforced, but for you I'd really emphasize that it is not in any way, shape, or form, necessary to join.

AU is of medium size, meaning that we usually have between 10 and 30 players, though the numbers can get small during off hours (early in the morning EST comes to mind). We are in no way, shape, or form, pay to play. Play is totally free.

There is a level cap (100) but you can continue to 'hero level' after the cap to accumulate more HP and mana points, and so forth. However, HP is capped to prevent the insanely powerful 'I've been here for 10 years' characters that you're talking about, and the player base tends to cycle regularly.

I would consider AU a high fantasy setting.

How well you do at combat tends to depend on how much time you have put into your character, and how well you've learned how to use your abilities. This mostly shows in PVP, though.

Immortal quests tend to be run on a regular basis. Such invents have included invasions of the main city, destruction of outlying cities and replacement of them with new settlements built over the old ones, various disturbances based on the Gods and their fights, and so on, and so on. These tend to be heavily based on player cooperation, such as when one of the Goddesses was imprisoned and the player base had to solve various riddles to free her from her prison. The history/mythos that is in place leads to a lot of interesting events, both headed by Immortals and players. The players themselves often make epic storylines, which I find very refreshing.

AU can be played with any MUD client.

AU is extremely newbie friendly. When you log in, you'll probably be greeted by several people, and questions are almost always answered promptly. Also, the Implementor and several Immortals are usually visible and very friendly. I'd suggest you give us a try, or at least check out our website., port 5000

Ultimately, good luck in your search. I'd hate for you to give up MUDding, there aren't enough good MUDers out there in my opinion.

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Sounds like you'd enjoy the mud I play. Balanced combat, free to play. Problem is, there's a steep learning curve. Dunno if you can handle that or not. Oh, and pk. PKs rough too.
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Old 06-17-2006, 11:34 PM   #6
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After I left a mud that I had spent alot more of my life on that I like to admit I set out on a quest to find a mud with great rp where I hopefully did not have to spend 1000 or more hours of learning and busting my rear to finally stand a formidable chance. In pk and against the stronger mobs in the game.

AU sounds like it would suit you well, but I must argue with the well put post by Esithae on one point. The player base does cycle regularly and naturally, but there are still those players that do not play frequently that are real powerhouses with lots of time and experience. Mind you if you do not go into pk this is not really something to worry about. Also the way to become powerful (stats wise) is largely by questing and getting practices which you convert to trains to train your stats and hp. This is a slow process and is probably the reason this mud does not take off as it is exceptionally well balanced and many of the players are great roleplayers.

Another flaw this mud totes is that within the temple system you gain ranks and authority by spending gold which you can get from questing or gold running. A player can effectively never talk to anyone in his temple (A very large part of the rp on AU), and within a lengthy amount of time (probably 800 hours of pure busting your rear) you can become the highest rank (Which is something formidible and worth a good amount of time there). But nine times out of ten the people that put so much work into their rank only do it because they are serious about their rp.

To be fair these flaws may have been fixed somewhat to be more reasonable within such an RP focused enviroment. I severly doubt the quest system has been changed as so many have already worked so hard within the system to get things. Wouldnt want to cheat some to benefit many and the mud right?

Enough with my ramblings about that though, here is my other reccomendation.

Unwritten Legends,

PVP is pretty rare, largely because of how serious everyone takes their RP and killing people is hard to get away with when the guard will come down on you for it. Don't get me wrong, if you wanted to play the killer\theif there is even a hidden theives guild that would help you get away with some of your acts. Punishments for serious crimes are treated seriously by the guard though (which is player run). One punishment even sends the player to a desolate island for an alloted period of time. To my knowledge no one has found the secret escape from this place, but I bet when they do it will be worth a fortune.

The world is the consistently best written I have encountered. With two continents both with their own cultures and laws and a third continent on the way. The continents are ever expanding as well. The world is already larger (and actually fun to explore) than most other muds I have played (that includes all of the Iron Realms games, but I am rather jaded when it comes to that, pay for perks makes my stomach lurch).

Your characters strengths are skill centered. It is the best balanced system I have encountered yet if you want to feel like you have power (and you will) without devoting your freckin life to it. If you are a spellcaster you largely learn your spells by attending classes or reading the right spellbook. A given spellcaster class of say 'level' 10. Could probably stand a chance against the same spellcaster class of higher levels, and also stand a good chance against any other class of higher 'levels' but since there is next to no pk you will be happy with your powers against the mobiles you will fight. There is also lots of eq and even custom eq you can buy from stores so you can customize your look.

I think I am starting to ramble and I dont feel like spellchecking this post because I am way to tired. My opinion is just this, on any mud you play there will always be the power gamer, the L33t people that just focus on stats, even in roleplay intensive games. I only found one instance of that on Unwritten legends, and that character just kept to himself and largely did it so he could test bugs. He dosent play that character anymore.

I think both AU and UL fit what you want in different ways and I have reasonably long term experience with both of them. So this is just my long and probably off subject take:P
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Old 06-18-2006, 12:06 AM   #7
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Ah, there have been some changes since you left ^.^ Actually, both of your main contentions have been focuses of changes. You can no longer advance past certain ranks in a temple without RP approval from either higher ranking members, or through a detailed note of what you have accomplished and what you hope to attain with your higher ranks, usually followed by an individually-tailored quest to prove your devotion. It could still be better, though, I will not argue that.

Also, your other main point of concern, the quest system, has also changed. The quest limit has been lowered rather drastically to 100 autoquests max per level through level 40, which makes for a lot less over-powered lowbies. And because you can't overpower so much, 'full questing' has pretty much died out. Existing characters haven't been scaled back, but most of the player base has moved up into the middle ranges instead of staying in the low ones for so long. Truly though, this matters very little unless you are interested in PVP. Characters who do not quest have harder times with PVE, but it encourages more grouping that way, which I have never been opposed to.

Anyway I would definitely encourage you to try a lot of things while you're in transition, Kendro. You might try AU and UL and AR and not like any of them, only to find an unexpected gem somewhere else. The one thing I'm still sticking to is that you shouldn't stop playing MUD ^.^

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Take a look at this site,

The site is still under construction so everything is not in place, but it is set up to promote truly free Muds of a certain quality (and absolutely no pay-for perks allowed).

There is a list of about 30 muds so far, all of which were initially suggested by other mudders, in a thread similar to this, as very good games. Most of them have a short description already, giving all the essentials, and there are all kinds of themes and types of muds, from RPI to hack'nslash and PvP.

I'm sure you should be able to find something that interests you among those games.
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Old 06-18-2006, 03:57 AM   #9
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Ilyrias will be similar to IRE games in some ways, but very different in others.

For example, player created guilds/sects/cities, don't like what's there? Find enough people that feel the same way as you, and found your own organization!

We will be using a pay for perks style system, but Angelstone is a completely IC item and can even be mined by the best miners in the realms.

We are still in development, but if you think it's something you might be interested in check out our forums. Feel free to post your comments and idea's, as we want to hear what the players want.
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Old 06-18-2006, 11:32 AM   #10
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So... A fantasy mud with an established community, but not necessarily a huge one.

It sounds to me like you're looking for a mud that is neither pay to play nor pay for perks. If not, please correct me.

Also, it should be PK-oriented and roleplay encouraged or enforced, right? Imperian is, if I remember right, only roleplay encouraged, not enforced, so it sounds like you're not *completely* allergic to OOC, but want it limited.

And finally, a combat system that resembles that of IRE or Godwars.

Hmm. Heh.

There are a few options. If you don't want people to be able to buy in game credits, stay completely clear of pay for perks muds, and pay to play.  

Eliminating all pay for perks muds will also likely eliminate muds with Imperian-like combat systems though. That is not to say that the free muds don't have good systems as well, but they are likely different from the one you liked.  So it really is a question of what means most to you: the cool combat system, or the mud being completely free (ie. no in game advantages buyable).

As for Godwars I know none of them, so sadly I cannot help you there .

Taking the "completely free muds, with PK/combat focus" first, I would recommend you to have a look at:

1. Shattered Kingdoms - port 1996

This is the only MUD I know of personally that lives up to all your requirements. It is completely free (no in game advantages buyable), roleplay enforced and a MUD that specifically tries to unite PK (tactics) and roleplay. The roleplay standard is pretty high, though you can find more refined environments out there, such as Shadows of Isildur (where you will find significantly less PK though, due to permadeath).

2.  Carrion Fields - 9999

I know it only by reputation, but a close friend of mine seems to think it god's gift to mudders heh. Supposedly has decent RP and great PK.

3. Armageddon - 4050.

Also only known to me by reputation. Supposed great RP and good PK.


Pay for perks, with the combat system you liked:

1. Lusternia (IRE game)

If you can live with pay for perks and have the combat system you like, then I would recommend you having a look at Lusternia. It is an IRE mud, so if you didn't like the pay system on Imperian, you may also not like it here either though. RP is stronger here than on the other IRE muds, though still nowhere near what you would find in a place like SoI.

2- Ilyrias MUD. Won't open for a good while yet, but they have some pretty cool features combat-wise that you may find to your liking.


I would also recommend you to have a look at the link that Anitra provided in her post. Not only because the muds mentioned there are free, but because they also are of fairly high standards (at least those I know personally are).

Good luck finding what fits you!
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Check out DartMUD. It's completely roleplaying oriented, moderate sized (usually 20 or so people on) and really friendly (if a bit strange at times) community. If roleplaying is your thing, you should at least check it out. Perma-death too, but players rarely die at the hands of other players.

I'm a really big fan of Shattered Kingdoms too (as mentioned above). It's got a fantastic engine, but one think that I think it suffers from is that the player base is too spread out. 50 player levels, 6 starting kingdoms, average of maybe 20 people online - do the math. The biggest turn off to that game I've found has been that you can play for literally hours without seeing a single person, and you end up having to wait until the higher levels to get any RP in.

Armageddon. Created a character, played, died, gave up. It was fun while it lasted, maybe a bit too intense for me. Lots of people have good things to say about it though.
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Originally Posted by
I'm a really big fan of Shattered Kingdoms too (as mentioned above). It's got a fantastic engine, but one think that I think it suffers from is that the player base is too spread out. 50 player levels, 6 starting kingdoms, average of maybe 20 people online - do the math. The biggest turn off to that game I've found has been that you can play for literally hours without seeing a single person, and you end up having to wait until the higher levels to get any RP in.
I agree that the world is large enough to easily accommodate 5 times as many players as it does now, and hopefully it will at some point. I do think you have been a little unlucky in regards to the 20 you mentioned though - the past few times I have logged in, I have typically seen around 25-30 at euro-times (generally considered low periods) and between 45-60 at peak times. It varies greatly though, depending on time of year etc, and I have seen as few as 10 and as many as 75 in the past year's time. Your comment on starting kingdoms definitely has merit though, and I agree that it could possibly use some restructuring.
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Hey, i'd like to say thanks for all your replies and posts thus far!

It has all been good, i've tried a couple MUD's in the last couple days, ones i've liked and some i haven't. And i will definitely have a look at all the ones you've listed, if i haven't looked at them already

I'd like to confirm a couple things at this point though =P

-No P2P or pay for perks.
-Enforced RP.


Thanks for the replies so far! But i still haven't finished my Search, so please, keep them coming

KK x
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I'd like to step in and second the suggestions of SK and Armageddon.

Armageddon is my home mud, and I could heap praise on it for years.

SK is a great mud that I've sadly never had the chance to play as much as I'd like. What I have done there was always fun, though.

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Originally Posted by (KendroKid @ June 20 2006,18:57)
I'd like to confirm a couple things at this point though =P
-No P2P or pay for perks.
-Enforced RP.
Carrion Fields has both of those.  Money doesn't impact gameplay in any fashion, and we're roleplay-enforced, with an extensive reward system tied into it.  We're usually the highest rated game on this site which fulfills either of those criteria.

We also meet all of the criteria you mention in your original post.  If you want to learn more, you can check out some of our promotional material here (recent!, here (thieves and guilds), here (Warriors and the 2002 introduction of Legacies), or here (orcish berserkers, which I could swear was on TMS somewhere).

I'd also encourage you to check out the many player-authored reviews of Carrion Fields on this site.  Very few of the larger games permit that, but we do, and they provide a cross-section of opinions from a wide variety of sources.

Edit: Found the orc ad: here.
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Have a look at Shattered Kingdoms, Carrion Fields and Armageddon. All three are free PK muds with enforced roleplay, and good reputations. Hopefully one of them will fit.

Happy mudding
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