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I've been playing muds for next to forever but have never quite found the ideal mud. But there are so many of them that there are probably a few gems I haven't tried yet. Here's a general list of things I think I'm looking for at this point in my mud life.

1. I want a roleplay-enforced mud, but not one of those silly RPIs where I have to take turns reading and typing out 10-line emotes that describe the way the wind toussles my hair without actually doing anything interactive. But definitely not a mud where a bunch of kids log in every day after school and do something that approximates roleplaying but doesn't quite hit the mark. I'll take long-winded RPIs over that.

2. I want a casual mud. That means I want a mud where I absolutely do not have to play every day to feel like I can be involved and important. I want to be able to play when I feel like it, not play when I don't feel like it, roleplay when I feel like it, play the mechanical game when I feel like it, and always have all of it there at my fingertips when I feel like doing any of it. If anybody has ever asked you why you've quit the game and when you're coming back when you happen to not log in for two or three days, it's not the mud for me.

3. I want a mud with a wide variety of skills and abilities. I don't really care if it's a skill-based or class-based mud. I like crafting systems, too, but can deal with a mud that doesn't offer much in the way of crafting if everything else is great. My main point here is that I want a mud where I can pick one of those rarely played classes or rarely used skills and be unique for it, find a niche, and be useful to others. That means whatever the mud offers in the way of classes and skills needs to be fairly well balanced and useful, and classes should depend on one another to some extent. I don't want to play a healer or a crafter and totally suck because combat people can get by just fine without one. And I don't want to create a mage or thief or anything else then find out that 99% of the mud is the same class I am. I like the idea of a system where whatever type of character you make, somebody who doesn't know the same skills you do is going to find it invaluable to bring you along, or ask you to do things for them.

4. I want a mud that's free. Not even a pay for perks system. I strongly believe that to truly be a roleplaying mud, nothing outside of the game can affect anything inside of the game. That includes perks. For example, the IRE model is bull. You're practically playing a trial version of the game until you pay into the system. You can't even learn all of your character class's primary skills without buying.

5. I want a mud that has a few productive things I can do when I'm not paying too much attention. Resource gathering, for example. Farming, cooking soup, spamming skills to get better at them, whatever. I'm not picky. But there are times when I'd like to be able to half-play the mud and maybe talk to people on channels if the mud has them, while positioning my character somewhere out of the way where he can get or do something useful when I'm busy in the real world.

I've tried most of the muds on the TMS list already, give or take, and odds are if you're reading this, I've tried yours, but just in case I've missed some real gems that fit this list to a T, I'd like to hit you guys up for your suggestions.
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Newworlds will become famous soon enoughNewworlds will become famous soon enough

You might try in no particular order:

Shattered Kingdoms at:

Unwritten Legends at:

Geas at:


Star Conquest at:

None will compare to the style and quality of other (in my oppinion) much better MUDs but you asked for something perhaps more unknown.

Good Luck!
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Try Geas.

It's rp-enforced, free to play, and you don't have to play every day to be involved in things.

It's skill-based, with a wide variety of skills available. You can even learn juggling and become the most renowned juggler ever if you want! There are crafting skills, from gathering materials to making books. Players depend a fair deal on other characters. It takes awhile to become a master of the skills you use, so unless you spend a ton of time on the game you're not going to become the master of everything. And there are specialized guilds you can join to learn guild-specific skills, so there is variety that way.

Things to do when you're not paying much attention: Juggling!, mining, singing songs in taverns, herb collecting, sharpening weapons, preaching if you're a cleric... Though bots are frowned upon, so be sure you're at least half-playing.

Try it out if you haven't already.
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