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Adventures Unlimited: Looking for both new and old players

Adventures Unlimited is a MUD that has been running solidly since 1999. Over the years we have seen players come and go, with the rise of games like WoW, but thanks to new management, our numbers have been steadily rising once more with old players returning. Our dedicated builders are hard at work creating new areas and replacing the stocks with original and fresh ideas. In the last month, we have added over 2000 rooms to our already large world and more are in the process of being finished. Our amazing coders are constantly working on new ways to bring more interesting aspects to the game, they are currently finishing work on a few projects, rewriting the old code and streamlining it to fit with our high levels of expectation. They are also working on finishing the miners trade-guild so we can add it to the game.

Adventures Unlimited's player base are really why people stay though. Friendly, thoughtful and with a great sense of humor, the people that frequent our game are always ready with a smile and are happy to help with instructing newcomers. Our auto-map is also a very handy tool. We currently offer lots to keep a MUDder amused. Religious temples can be joined, where a player can gain in rank and go on to PK, joining the clans aligned with them, we offer a quest system that anyone can become a part of whatever the alignment, starting from level 6 and even continuing at the Hero levels. We also currently have three trades-guilds, jewelers, armorers and weaponsmiths. As previously mentioned, miners is being worked on. So, if you like a family atmosphere, non-forced roleplay, and have a yearning to find something you can actually work towards, then come and try us. See why more people are returning, and why many of us have stayed for over 12 years. We hope to see you soon.

Welcome to Adventures Unlimited, Text Based, MUD, RPG
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