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Avendar - Storytelling Event

Announcing an Avendar: the Crucible of Legends storytelling event! We're tentatively planning to hold the event Sunday Oct. 30th, 9PM US Central.


Fallian Berming: Tale-Telling Contest
Mon Oct 10 18:18:28 2011
To: all
Good day and greetings to you, folk of Avendar!

I am Fallian Berming, the famed gleeman. No doubt you've heard of me, if
you haven't yet heard me. I'm a regular at Hjarmal's Ale Room in Krilin.
And I'm looking for some new tales to add to my repertoire. Not just any
tales, though--I want tales of fright, tales to make the blood cold, the
heart thump, and the flesh crawl. Spook-tales, creep-tales, around-the-
fire tales to bring chills and thrills, to make the courageous cower and the
fearless faint!

So, I'll be hosting a tale-telling content, and I'll reward the most
entertaining tale and the scariest tale. A large purse of platinum will go
along with the fame you'll receive for winning! And of course, I'll be sure
to mention your name when I retell your tales in the future.

A few rules, to keep things honest: anyone can participate--and no bard
training needed--but the tale can't take all day to tell (OOC: RL 15
minutes or less) and has to be 100% original.

So, start shaping up your stories, and I'll be letting you know the time and
place soon. And if you have no tongue for tales and just want to listen in,
you're welcome all the same.


Check the Avendar main forum for the latest information.

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