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Exclamation OtherSpace: Down to Earth RP Award Winners!

Sunfire, Vessa, and Colchek took the top three categories in tonight's "Down to Earth" Roleplaying Awards ceremony on OtherSpace. They received $50 gift certificates for their accomplishments as Favorite Veteran Player, Favorite New Player, and Favorite Staffer respectively.

We'll hold our next RP awards ceremony after the upcoming "Cold-Blooded Conquest" story arc. The fundraising effort for "Cold-Blooded Conquest" continues for another nine days at Cold-Blooded Conquest - OtherSpace: Encyclopedia Galactica

Winners in the other "Down to Earth" categories:

Most Adventurous Character: Razorback
Most Amusing Character: Fauze
Most Frightening Character: Falkenberg
Most Valiant Character: Akamatsu
Most Supportive Character: Vicky
Most Generous Character: Narai
Favorite Human: Leucohyle
Favorite Demarian: Razorback
Favorite Riftwalker: Fade
Favorite Tupai: Reode
Favorite Llivori: Garthik
Favorite Timonae: Kaxina
Favorite Phyrrian: Vicky
Favorite Aukami: Wyri
Favorite Falari: Ikin
Favorite Grimlahdi: Trak'gar
Favorite Lyiri: Rose
Favorite Hekayti: Litar
Favorite B'hiri: Clankritich
Favorite Positronic: Logic Shortage
Favorite Yaralu: Comorro
Favorite Opodian: Narai
Favorite Calzonite: Toromok
Favorite Gankri: Mert
Favorite Castori: Raz Blackpaw
Favorite Odarite: Frn'Zxk'Fkg
Favorite Vollistan: Voluria
Favorite Player-Run Events: Katrin's DMC adventures
Favorite Story: "The Priestess" by Sunfire
Favorite Wiki Page: Xanya
Favorite Artwork: Reode
Favorite News Article: Killer implants by Voluria
Favorite Down to Earth Arc Event: San Angeles Cops on Tomin Kora
Favorite Non-Arc Event: Shopping Nall
Favorite Organization: Devil May Care
Favorite Alien Race: Tupai
Favorite Human Subrace: Ungstiri
Favorite World: Pyracan
Favorite Empire: Orion Confederacy
Favorite Universe: Orion Arm
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