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Njata is Looking for Builders

We're currently looking for builders over at Njata!

What is Njata? It's an original fantasy themed MUD with a large race selection. Want to play a Dragon? We have that. How about a Unicorn? Done. Beautiful Merfolk who can magically transmute their fins to legs and back? Rideable Centaurs(and Unicorns, if they'll have you) and much more!

The setting at Njata has been thoroughly crafted by our wonderful author/mud owner, but we could use more manpower(and womanpower!) to see all these wonderful areas come to life. If you're interested in getting in on the ground level of a very ambitious project, and know your way around SMAUG OLC or aren't afraid to learn, then send an e-mail to today, or drop in on us at port 8358

Everything I mentioned, we already have in-game, but here's a taste of what we have planned for the future:

A Scholar class that learns their spells from ancient writings in lost ruins.
An elaborate LPMUD-style crafting system.
Appearance customization options during character creation, so you can choose your hair color, eye color, etc...

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