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The Burning Post II

www . burningpost2 . co . uk 4321

(apologies, I don't know how to remove the html tag)

Are you looking for hack and slash and bumping up levels with
every mob you kill? Then good luck looking elsewhere...

Are you looking for characters with substance and stories to
tell and play? Try The Burning Post II!

A rich and varied history helps provide the backdrop of New
Yarsith. Mages are reviled and feared (and often burned)
by the church and its citizens. Thieves are common on this
forgotten island. The Reeves protect the law, the Knights
protect our bodies, and the Order protects our souls. The
conflict between good and evil ebbs and flows as the stories
unfold and the players add new wrinkles and characters,
each with their own tales to tell.

There are no levels, the game is not dictated by numbers.
You can purchase skills at character creation to begin your
character, then increase them through use and RP. All actions
in game are considered IC, and can potentially have IC
consequences. Such helps to make a setting that dedicated
RPers can immerse themselves in, either to interact with
others, or to begin their own journeys.

The character creation area is filled with help files to
assist with the history and customization of your character.
Players are always willing to help answer questions, and are
eager to play. If you enjoy a variety of characters and
RP, come on by and give The Burning Post II a try.

www . burningpost2 . co . uk 4321

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dark acacia
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Re: The Burning Post II

It's an okay game, but it has problems which make it hard for new players to adjust. Also there's a good guy/bad guy balance problem, so even if you play a good guy you're basically suspect #1. If you want to play a bad guy, it will take a long time to be able to compete with the well-entrenched good guys.

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