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Home MUD: Bleached InuYasha Galaxy
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Bleached InuYasha Galaxy

Have you just finished watching the Bleach anime? Does InuYasha hold a soft spot in your heart? Have you ever wished that you could mash the two together?

If you answered yes to any or all of the previous questions, then Bleached InuYasha Galaxy (BIYG) is the mud for you! With our smooth mixture of both worlds your craving will be forever sated.

Along with the normal goal of gaining levels, BIYG has the notorious Shikon Jewel. A full shikon is capable of granting any desire to your character, while the individual shards can be embedded into parts of your body for varied impact to players’ stats. Shards can also be attached to weapons and armor to add to their damage and impact.

BIYG has 3 unique classes:
--Human, which is a great healer class, has the power to sense the shards of the great shikon jewel, but may not be the strongest in battle.
--Hanyou is a half-human half-demon hybrid that was born with demonic powers and the heart of a human. This class is perfect for those that love to solo or tank.
--Demons are a force to be reckoned with. Battle hungry and strong, this class is made for those who want to reap as much damage as possible in the least amount of time.

The players of BIYG can expect a great environment for new players and loads of content for those seasoned veterans. We promise to provide months if not years of fun to all players who login.
Our Immortals are very helpful, and there are usually 2 to 10 players online and willing to help if an immortal isn’t present at that very moment. We also have very helpful forums where you can find information on most all aspects of the game.

If you do not already have a client to run a mud through, check out MUSHClient. It is easily downloadable and can be run off a flash drive at any location. For your mobile pleasure, check out BlowTorch on the Google Play Store(Android Market).

Client info:
Port 1801
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Home MUD: Bleached InuYasha Galaxy
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Re: Bleached InuYasha Galaxy

Also, our latest feature is a PVP arena. We have a Bonus Hour daily (2x XP and double shard rate) which also opens up the arena for all players to PVP in.

Check us out!
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