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Star Wars: Generations of Darkness MUSH

We are very proud to announce the successful open beta phase of Star Wars: Generations of Darkness! It's our hope that you will choose to join us as a guest and future player.

Our game begins one year after the Battle of Geonosis depicted in Attack of the Clones. With the newly created Grand Army of the Republic under his command, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine attempts to stave off a Seperatist rebellion led by the Sith Lord Count Dooku. Caught in the middle of the conflict are the Jedi Order (now enlisted as generals and soldiers) and citizens of all walks of life. The once noble Senate is rife with corruption and intrigue, leaving many worlds to fend for themselves.

We have done our best to supply our players with a professional, interactive environment offering abundant opportunities for adventure and drama. You'll find a multitude of character creation options, standard and unique, with which to create your ideal character. Heroes are welcome, naturally, but so are villains. These are years of terrible conflict, the Republic's twilight age.


Star Wars: Generations of Darkness is a RhostMUSH game operating under the Sagas rules system. Ours is a darker, grittier take on the Star Wars universe. The focus is grid-based, with players choosing the course of the story, rather than being shoehorned into a strict script written by the staff. The pillars of canon are preserved, but all else is for you to shape. We operate under non-consent rules, which means that players are free to plot and scheme against each other, from ambush assaults on planets to political or violent personal betrayals. We feel that this approach leads to superior storytelling. However, we favor an OOC environment which emphasizes friendliness and respect on all levels.

As this is our open beta phase, we will still be working through some kinks in the code and as well as providing numerous additional features not implemented prior. We would appreciate your patience during this time, but rest assured that the vast majority of critical systems are operational and ready for use.

* Numerous bugs have been fixed, and essential systems which were not complete have been completed. We're also near to completion on some brand new systems, such as a Senate system permitting players to govern the galaxy.

* We have added and will continue to add new features. We have new prestige classes, new powers, new softcode which better realizes the Star Wars universe (including a HoloNet which allows room-wide transmissions for long distance RP between multiple PCs), and so on.

* The game in general has been smoothed out to make its character creation process easier. Similarly, help files are easier to find, and the game will assist if you're not certain about their exact names. In general, anyone unfamiliar with the Saga rules or our type of game should now find the learning process much easier to navigate.

* We have bleeding edge RhostMUSH hardcode personally added and maintained by the creator of the codebase. This will continue to be upgraded as soon as new versions are available.

* Our backup site provides players with a locale to continue playing on in the event of a crash or a server change. This site regularly auto-archives and flatfiles are manually uploaded weekly, ensuring minimal data loss.

* An extensive +org system. This includes ranks, assignments, divisions, and all manner of commands for managing the organization in different ways.

* Player ships capable of navigating the enabled galaxy, which will continue to expand as the storyline progresses and we have more players.

* Numerous other feature additions documented thoroughly on out +bboards. (This is rather vague because there are so many!)

* We have debuted the first fifteen +roster characters for player application. These characters are features who have appeared in the movies and/or expanded universe. Future batches will be smaller but continuous and more regular. Be advised that more important features may come with the desire to see you play a normal PC for a while, thus enabling us to view your activity levels and RP style.

* The first major story arc scene will be held on November 3rd.

Our game's focus is allowing players to create their dream characters within the bounds of policy and the canon Star Wars universe. It's all about you, and we react to your decisions. We hope you'll join us as we work to improve throughout beta, as many other players have!


Head Wizard - Star Wars: Generations of Darkness 1138

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