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Genre MU* with family rp?

I'm not sure I can explain what I mean very well. You know how Swiss Family Robinson managed to be slice-of-life and adventure at the same time? Of course, being stuck on a desert island would get old quick. I'd rather a more complex setting with fantasy or sci-fi elements; other families with their own needs and agendas. Danger and drama are great. But at the core should be a we're-in-it-together attitude. I'm probably being way too specific, but that's what I'm yearning for at the moment.

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Re: Genre MU* with family rp?

Still would love to find an rp mud like this, so *bump*.
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Re: Genre MU* with family rp?

Many RPI muds have such scenarios. On Armageddon Mud, there are various tribes and family groups with their own special role calls put out, etc. And on EOE mud, one of the central themes of play as a human is being part of a human city dominated by 5 families, all of which you can app into, along with smaller, more transitive minor families in other parts of the city. I highly encourage you to check into RPI muds for this, because I've had a good time playing such a family role in more than one, though in neither of them is it a scenario of a family being alone stranded somewhere.
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Re: Genre MU* with family rp?

Well, what I'm about to suggest isn't really a MUD, but it fits your description pretty well.

Its more of a text-based game.

---> Faery Tale Online

Its so realistic, there's such a thing as a 'birth queue', which is where new characters have to line up and wait for their turn to 'be born'. For me, it took a whole MONTH to be born. After that, I was born as a baby in a lizard-like race. Pretty cool. At first the baby can't really say anything - whatever you try to say is turned into baby language. In that time, your life is in the hands of the two adults who had, you know, and gave birth to you. But a few real days later then you can finally start talking to your parents.

From there you can hunt, you can forage, you can chop wood and mine for ore, you can build furniture, armor and houses and perform various actions. Like, you can build furniture for the local villages and become a rich man, or slay the dragon that has been terrorising the locals and because of that, earn the respect of the villagers and become mayor.

Anyway, there's a comprehensive FAQ on the website, so yeah.

{My Review}

I don't really enjoy FTO because of the lack of a community there. Really, I think most of the characters you see there are played by the same person. But I'm not sure. Also nobody really takes the time to go around slaying monsters in the dungeons and all that - all I see are my parents roleplaying making babies. So yeah. But the game concept is actually pretty cool (it was based on a similar game called Cantr II)
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