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Avendar: Filling the Void

The Avendar staff is proud to announce the completion, after nearly a year and half of work, of our monumental scholar-mage revamps (with many thanks to our amazing coder, Chadim)! This project has included the addition of many new and significant features to the world such as ley lines and a (mostly) invisible world of ghosts and shades, over 300 new spells and skills, and numerous underlying code and building enhancements.

Void Scholars are the final of our six scholar-mage classes to be diversified into 3 paths of greater study.
  • Path of the Necromancer: first you hear the pulse of the drum... and then they come. With power over death and unlife, necromancers command armies of undead, or even join their ranks.
  • Path of Nightfall: only the most corrupt practitioners of black magic walk the path of Nightfall. These mages choose three of thirteen demon lords to bind themselves to in servitude. This leads to an incredible amount of diversity and replayability.
  • Path of the Riven Veil: our classic void scholars, Riven Veil scholars are masters of demonology, summoning dark servants who are eager to grant power--for a price. This class is a quest, or series of quests, as much as a class, and remains among the most lore-rich and challenging playing experiences of Avendar--or any MUD.

Void scholar-mages who choose to forego a greater path in order to dabble in other spheres of magic also received several specialized spells and abilities, including a spell to summon an animal familiar with its own distinct skills and personality.

We're a small but well-established MUD community. We'd love to welcome some new players! Come give us a visit at!
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