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Talking Eylsium-RPG an ever growing very immersive and addictive world

an ever growing world consisting of 3 continents, 9 cities
with a different race belonging to each, 16 guilds, 6 gods, and over 30 skills. All working on a custom calender
system where every real life year is 3 in the game.
This is a classless and level-less MUD completely built from the ground up and completely run by the players.

The 9 cities
are completely player run (outside of some very minor godly influence
in the form of patroning), with one emperor and 8 positions (5
ministries and 3 helpers) for players.

The 16 guilds are completely player run. A large majority of them
are auto-inguilding and most newbies will be able to join the guild
of their choice right out of the gate.

There are numerous skills in the game (roughly 30 that count towards
your 6 skills and roughly 10 common available to everyone) which you
can mix and match as you wish. Many RP'ers will look down on folk
that learn skills just because they are powerful or pick skills that have
nothing to do with each other (for example, a thief-mage-warrior-bard
-crafter) there are no restrictions on your set of 6 skills that you can
learn. Each guild has 3 skills. You do not lose skills when you leave a
guild (unless you purposely forget them). You can also learn skills out
of guild (at +50% the lesson cost). Lessons are how you learn skills.
You receive one lesson every 2.5 hours (although this can be sped up
multiple ways) you are connected to the game. If you choose to study
offline, you get one lesson every 6.66 hours while you are not
connected. This may seem like a long time between lessons at first,
but believe me, they come a lot faster than they seem.

---The World---
The world is divided into 3 large continents housing the 9 cities.
Occid, the northwestern continent, is home to the dwarves, goblins,
and orcs. Orien, the northeastern continent, is home to the specter
and the Cyclops. Polaris, the southern continent (and the largest) is
home to humans, elves, hamakei, and spawn. Skilled mages can teleport
between continents using magical artifacts, but most people will
simply choose to sail, using a variety of ships. Sprinkled throughout
the large ocean are several islands, some of which hold powerful
items that will give you assistance, such as a necklace that gives you
more hitpoints or a ring that will let you locate people or objects.
You might choose to be a fisherman and make your money by sailing
your trawler over the ocean and selling your catch to the city of your
choice, but beware as you travel the sea, you may encounter great
sea serpents that are fiercely territorial, and will likely not
appreciate your presence in their areas!

Our homepage has changed from the one listed on this site to a work in progress

come and try it out you may love it just as much as the 100's of other players over the years


*A note from the writer*

My name is Regnier Knightsblade , I'm the eldest member of the Knightsblade family , I'm a Human Warrior/thief skillset who follows the teaching of the Seekers of Harmony, We currently run with the help of ministers the great human city of Karinthia, And are always looking for polite active players to join us, We will bend over backwards to help you understand and Enjoy Elysium as we do , Elysium is a wonderfully coded game and is a joy to play. But unfortunately With the departure of some of the "old guard" the player-base has gotten stale, This is a perfect time for a player or a group of players to become involved in Eylsium ,As there are some empty cities and guilds that are begging for players to take control of! And leave there own mark on the game.

Any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or drop me a message! or log in and say hi
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Home MUD: Elysium
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regnierknightsblade is on a distinguished road
Thumbs up Re: Eylsium-RPG an ever growing very immersive and addictive world

This is my in-game description , its standard apart from some modification though skills that i have.
As i said before , I've a warrior/thief skill-set. so i choose darkish clothes and items that do not slow my moment
All items add and do certain things and need to be made by ether players or industries run by players , A couple are also quest rewards.

Regnier is a quite tall, heavily built male Human with a black complexion.
He has brown eyes and very long light brown hair, worn in ringlets, and looks to be in excellent health.
He has a long beard.
His body is typical of his race, with shapely limbs and handsomely
rounded features.
As armour he is wearing a pair of spiked gauntlets.
a pair of rabbit fur boots and
some red silk and leather robes.
As jewellery, he is wearing a Golden Astarian Ring.
He is also wearing a black leather sand pouch, a rope clasp,
a white leather backpack, a black belt, a blue cloth shoulder bag and
a herb pouch.
In his right hand he wields a fishing rod.

The fact i'm wearing a robe hides a couple of other items i have on me.
I'm also a talented master-baiter who holds some Eylsium fishing awards.
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