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Genesis MUD, the Best of Times

Genesis combines many fantasy realms into one world by giving each realm their own continent. Each could be their own MUD with how well developed they are. It has Middle Earth (including servants of Sauron, rangers, and many other guilds), Krynn (including the Solamnic knights, priests of Takhisis, and dragonarmies plus many others), Gont (Ursula Andress' fantasy world), Faerun, and many elaborate wizard (coder) created domains as well.

Active and growing playerbase? Check
Active administration? Check
Active coders? Check
Deep roleplay? Check
War systems? Check
Wizard run event quests? Check
Political intrigue? Check
Player run guild systems? Check
Massive world to explore? Check
Thousands of magic items to discover? Check
Imbued magic system on loot? Check
Crafting? Check
Magic map mini-screen system? Check
Web client supporting scripts and magic map? Check
100% Free to play? Check

Genesis is approaching its thirty year anniversary. It's going stronger than ever with a robust game engine that has been expertly maintained and thousands of active players. Roleplayers, grinders, political intrigue-ers intent on taking over guilds and starting wars, Genesis has them all. The community is welcoming to new members and has a robust system for getting you up to speed. Come join us.

If you're interested in content and quest guides, check that here.
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Re: Genesis MUD, the Best of Times

This is one of the best of the muds I've played. There was around 60 players when I was online and the playerbase seems to be growing thanks to that neat web client. It has the potential to attract the fans of browser based rpg games and MMOs. Helpers answer every question. The world is enourmously huge. I will return soon to play this jewel of muds. Currently I play Gauntlet and Pillars of Eternity.
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