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Eyeless, Fade, Halfman, Lurk, Myrddraal, whatever you want to call them. I'm started a new roleplaying character who is a Fade, and I want to get as much information on them as I can to better resemble a Fade from the books. My fade controls Darkhounds too, so whatever you can say about the connection between Darkhounds and Fades would be wonderful.

Here's what I have so far:

-Human Man Sized
-No Eyes
-Sight like an Eagle
-Their cloaks do not sway in the wind
-Their skin is pasty white
-Spawn of trollocs
-No Female Myrddraal
-If the fade controlling trollocs is killed, trollocs collapse as well.
-They loathe water, and will not go more than waist high in it.
-The image of a Fade in a mirror is only an indistinct blur
-They don't dream.
-Fades have no humor.
-Fades never show amusement.

Seems like a lot to start with, but I know there is more not mentioned in the source I've been looking at. Let me know if there's anything else I shoudl keep in mind.
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I don't think the Trollocs die if the Myrddraal they're bound to does, I think they just sort of lose control- I might be wrong, however, so you might want to look into that. I lent my big book about WoT to a friend, so I can't look them up in there, but I still remember a few things. I haven't read the series in a very long time, so I might be off a bit.

1- Their swords- I think they're black, and if they come in contact with another sword made from the power they emit this big, flashy light.

2- They have the ability to sort of teleport by stepping into shadows, and they can then reappear out of the shadows anywhere.

3- More specifically, the Myrddraal are trollocs in which the Human half is dominant, instead of the animal half. They are created completely by accident, at random.

4- Myrddraal are the only reason the shadow even bothers to use Trollocs- they are the only thing able to incite fear in them, allowing them to drive them forward in battle. Also, like you said, they can bond with a fist of trollocs to gain better control over them.
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In the Eye of the World, the first book of the WoT series, Lan beheads the Myrddraal bonded to the trollocs the group goes against after they leave Baerlon, and before they enter Shadar Logoth.
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Originally Posted by
"Shadowman steel kills," Aviendha said, "it does not wound."
- The Dragon Reborn.

The swords are tainted during their making.
Originally Posted by
"That black metal could make wounds that festered, almost as hard to heal as the one that ached in his side now." - Rand al'Thor
- The Shadow Rising.

Originally Posted by
The forgers were not truly alive; carried any distance from Shayol Ghul, they turned to stone, or dust. Nor were they smiths as such; they made nothing but the swords. This one's two hands held a swordblade in long tongs, a blade already quenched, pale like moon-lit snow. Alive or not, the forger took care as it dipped the gleaming metal into the dark stream. Whatever semblance of life it had could be ended by the touch of that water. When the metal came out again, it was dead black. But the making was not done yet. The forger shuffled back inside, and suddenly a man's voice raised a desperate shout.

"No! No! NO!" He shrieked...
- Lord of Chaos.

The main problem with having fades in an RP situation is that they are really overpowered (its a balance thing, it'd be like allowing players to be a ringwriath in LoTR)

2) Don't forget the gaze/fear thing...

Originally Posted by
Every Myrddraal was the height of a tall man, a sinuous imitation of a man, as alike as though cast in one mold.
- Lord of Chaos.

"Y'All look alike to me" - There are NO distinguishing features (with the special exception of Shaidar Haran)

4) cruel, very cruel. They will not put an enemy out of its misery unless it is still a threat, its much better to watch it plead/writhe/wimper/... whatever

If you need more look at...
Wheel of Time Codex
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When I was heavy into WoT muds I bought the Wheel of Time Compendium in PDF format. It's a fantastic tool when you need references for writing stories, creating a character, building rooms, clandocs, or anything.

I was an Imm at a well known WoT based game for awhile and when I was designing my clan and gear there it was a godsend...

As to where to get it, I dunno. I believe the site that I DL'd mine from charged me 20$ or so, but later went out of business for some reason, probably shadiness, as I found out later that the copy I have is not authorised...

But there might be a free version somewhere. Dunno myself.
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