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Welcome to the new Top Mud Sites forum. As a user of the old forum, here's a few things to get you started:

  • The most important, passwords. Passwords from the Ikonboard software did not migrate to vBulletin due to different encryption methods. To reset your password, go here:

  • If you were not a member of the old forums and would like to sign up, the forum main page is here:

  • The default style for the forum is a dark background similar to the previous board. For those who prefer a simpler, easier to read look, try out the 'TMS - Light' style from the drop down in the bottom left of the page. If you prefer this style, you can set it permanently in the user control panel (User CP).

  • Avatars also did not port from Ikonboard to vbulletin and will have to be re-added manually in the user CP.

  • The built-in vbulletin event calendar is a great place for you to promote major events in your MUD. Upcoming events will display on the TMS front page as the calendar builds out. You can check out the calendar at:

  • Below each thread is a table of 'similar' threads that might interest you.

  • Your user profile now has a number of new options that, if completed, will display in your posts under your name. All are optional:

    Home MUD
    First Name

  • The user reputation system allows users to "reward" good posts with increased reputation. You can do this by clicking on the "scales of justice" icon in a post.

  • The new forum has been optimized for search engines. Over time this should bring new users to the forums and text based gaming. You can also increase exposure to your own posts by using social bookmarking items in the linkback menu at the top of each thread.

We hope you will enjoy the new TMS forums and your feedback is important. Please feel free to contact with any problems, or post in the forum area itself.