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Akanbar Online
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1 "It's a very real world and very fascinating." - G4/TechTV. "Simply put, Achaea is one of the best MUDs on the internet." - Come find out why. Free to play! From Iron Realms Entertainment. 697 562
2 Established in 1996, Aardwolf is one of the most popular MUDs on the net. Real-time line of sight overhead map, extensive and realistic world system, several hundred players online, hundreds of features, pure and simple fun. 688 353
3 "Threshold might be an old-fashioned text-based MUD, but it emphasizes roleplaying and story and boasts fervent players." -Computer Games Magazine. Over 11 years in operation and free to play. Join us! 420 292
4 Adventure, politics and war await you in this life of swords, sorcery, deception, and honor. With 16 diverse, balanced classes, 200+ unique areas, deep RP, limited items, and xp-based PK, we've expanded, adapted, and improved for 13+ years. 100% free! 391 158
5 Discworld is a totally free MUD that combines the humour and richness of Terry Pratchett's work with a top quality game. Under constant development since 1991 Discworld is huge, deep and complex yet still accessible to novice gamers. 373 77
6 Ancient Anguish has a massive highly detailed, high quality world. Unique classes like Artificers and Shapeshifters, weapon skills, guilds, online games, quests, exploration. Loyal player base, active wizard community. 15 years strong! Always free. 342 139
7 From Iron Realms Entertainment! This incredible MUD includes over 600 quests, 700+ abilities/spells, intense PvP combat, customizeable player governments, dynamic economy, and an emphasis on extra-planar travel. Free to play! 339 92
8 From Iron Realms Entertainment! Experience this unique world with intense player combat, a wide range of skills, and constant development. Dance politics in 6 nation-states, 16 guilds, multiple orders, or forge your own path. Free to play! 320 72
9 Over a decade old, Armageddon is as addictive for its brutally harsh desert theme as it is for its beautifully written environments, infinitely complex storylines and secrets, and its expectation for roleplay like no other MU* in existence. Free. 297 128
10 Dark fantasy MUD of epic depth and quality. Incredibly complex and deep PvP, numerous player classes including vampires, warfare and diplomacy, extensive craft and trade. From Iron Realms. Free to play! 278 88

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11 Come live in Tolkien's Middle-earth as a character of your own creation in a professional-quality, elaborately-crafted RPI MUD. Join either side in the intensifying conflict between Gondor and Mordor, and become a part of the story! Completely free. 207 76
12 A high quality PK/RP mud catering to people looking for higher standard PK and RP environment. 18 classes, 20 races plus unique quest races and classes such as Crusaders, Vampires and Demons. 182 76
13 Since 1994, thousands of people have found high adventure in Tolkien's world at the award-winning The Two Towers MUD. Battle fierce enemies, go on dangerous quests, and make friends and meet new people in this rich, dynamic world. Free to play! 156 95
14 We have 24 races and 7 classes initially available, and over 200 *unique* areas to explore. Our family-friendly player community, from all ages and walks of life, makes it *the* place to find life-long friends! 153 100
15 Will you serve the Empire or will you save the crumbling Republic? The wave of Dark Forces is approaching. 120 94
16 Set in the expansive world of Thrael, Unwritten Legends is a text-based multiplayer role-playing game of epic proportions. Live the fantasy! 96 41
17 Where Roleplay and Tactics Collide! Roleplay required, roleplay rewarded. Unique quests, enormous map and one-of-a-kind areas. No global channels. Freely open for ten years. Website help and forums available. 95 56
18 Do you want demanding roleplay, strong guilds, advanced economics, deadly politics and in depth religion? With a professional, smooth mud system that's completely FREE (no donations, regs, or power costs). NW is for the serious roleplayer! 87 83
19 Now over a decade old, Distant Lands is a (100% FREE) fun and exciting role playing game. It features a completely custom world and largely custom codebase. Distant Lands is constantly growing and changing as new features are added. If you are looking for a game to call home, this is it! 78 24
20 We are among the oldest Wheel of Time MUDs on the 'net, started in 1994. If you're looking for fun, exciting Wheel of Time roleplay in a fully fleshed out world, come check us out! 77 34

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