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Feature-rich, original fantasy adventure. Explore over eight million locations within the world of Alyria. Fantastic magic, weapons, armor, and artifacts. Meet and interact with thousands of unique creatures and players, on land, underground, or sailing the open sea. Free to play.
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Name of MUD The Forests's Edge
Date MUD Opened January 2000
Web Page
Admin Name Severus
Admin Email
Geographical Location USA
Primary Language English
Codebase Custom [TFE Heavily Updated]
Category Medieval Fantasy
Theme Medieval Fantasy Roleplaying
Status Fully Operational
World Originality All Original
World Size Gigantic (20001+ rooms)
Average Players Online 21-25
Playerkilling Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Encouraged
Features   Quests
Supports ANSI
Hiring Builders
Has Clans/Cabals
Saves Equipment at Exit
Characters Must be Validated
Playerkilling Allowed
Description Travel this vast land in search of fame, fortune, and power. Seek out hidden places, for they are home to fantastic creatures and potent magics. But choose your race and profession wisely, and hone your skills, for the world of TFE is a dangerous place.

We offer many advanced features, including player clans, quests, pets, diverse skills, religions, customized items, and an exceptionally large, detailed world full of fascinating monsters and magic. Extensive on-line help is available.

Come join us, you won't be disappointed!