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Reviews Section

This MUD is a masterpiece! I have never encountered a MUD with a world as vibrant, a plot as enticing, or an environment as absorbing as Armageddon.

The world of Armageddon, known as Zalanthas, is a place of astonishing beauty and detail. The staff has done an amazing job at making Zalanthas one of the most vibrant worlds I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Every room, object, and creature, no matter how mundane, is masterfully described. Unlike most MUDs, this world has a very distinct flavor that is consistant throughout the game.

The world hardly seems important, however, when it is compared to the lush roleplaying environment that Armageddon offers. Character interactions on Armageddon can be (and usually are) incredibly fun and exciting. Most of the players on the MUD roleplay very believable (and perhaps even memorable) characters. Playing Armageddon is not so much like playing a MUD; it is more like participating in an epic fiction novel. The guidelines for roleplay may seem a little harsh at first, but without them Zalanthas would not be the wonderful place that it is today.

Armageddon's code is incredibly extensive, and supports the roleplaying aspect incredibly well. A level-less character system, enhanced emotes, and a plethora of crafting possibilities are only the beginning. Sure, there is a lot to learn, but that is what the documentation is for.

The documentation on Armageddon is very extensive. With enough study, the most inexperienced newbie can just about everything he/she would need to know to play the MUD. It is actually recommended that players new to the MUD read the introductory documentation before submitting a character application.

The staff on Armageddon are extremely polite and helpful, provided you show the proper politeness and respect in turn. The staff actually places a lot of effort to work with the characters to enhance the feel of the game. With Armageddon being open for almost ten years now, the staff has done an excellent job at using the players' feedback, along with a large amount of original thought, to make Zalanthas what it is today.

What does all this mean? It means that Armageddon is, in my humble opinion, the best (free) roleplaying MUD available. Please note, this MUD may not be for you hack-and-slash players out there. If you are interested in roleplaying, however, you should definately try Armageddon.