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Reviews Section
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth by Kakuke

I have been playing mume for over a year now and seems to me that although it is said that mume is harder that other muds, its seems a whole lot easier. Ofcourse you have the minor drawbacks at the beginning: learning maps and new commands(which in mume, are quite many). One of the most interesting thing in the game are the so-called travel points which you get when you travel to more remote areas of the land. This is needed to gain a new level, besides experience. This is also realistic: how can you become a high-level adventurer if you constantly kill in a 10 square area? You have to see the world and experience it to be an experienced player. Another thing i like about mume is that there are no banks. If you die then well, you can try to get your stuff back or bye-bye money! This also is good because i doubt there were banks at the age of dragons and knights... I like MUME also because of its huge areas which never get boring and also because its much easier to learn in the beginning. But the most reason i play this is because it bases on J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth creations which were very thorough meaning so is MUME. If you read the books and play the game, it brings a smile to your face: i know this place! This game doesnt have any difficult rooms for making different descriptions for yourself(your description is done via the change description command) , no nokill areas etc. You can choose if you want to become a member of the army of The West or the Red Eye... Tolkien fans and all other mud-players...this is the absolute MUD experience!