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Reviews Section
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth by Nick Winston

A logical, realistic and strategy Tolkein based pk-mud.        100 players on all 3 sides

 Spam is greatly reduced allowing for better pk-action as well as more realistic game play.  Example: hps/mana/moves numeric prompt is replaced with words which rely your current state (instead of 150/400 hps you would get Wounded, instead of 30/126 mana you would get Cold. Full hps,mana and above 30% moves gives you NO visable indicators, just a simple prompt.  
Imagine yelling to your lab friend IM AWFUL, CURE ME NOW, instead of I've got 10hps left. It creates a more enjoyable 'panic effect.' A command for mathematical values of the text is also avaliable.
 Link does matter as the game is very much real-time vs. somewhat turn-based muds.  Example: Spell delay is 'BEFORE' rather than after allowing for canceling out by 'vicitims' weapon, bash or quicker spells.  You can dodge/parry weapon to continue casting or use STORED spells to go thru vicitims spell. Strategy plays important part as a caster vs. max mana in other muds.
 Some mobs track as well can pk'ers and I've yet to see a game with a more intelligent and logical tracking system. Don't be surprised to walk out of a city and run into a newbie ripping, tracking wolf your first day. *HINT* luring tracking mobs/players is a must know stratgey for good kills/escapes. Justice system is also very intelligent and "almost impossible" to kill. You can pick off a few guards or get a huge group to kill.
 EQ is realistic and logical to Middle Age eq, maybe not to other muds though.  90% of eq is not especially named for MUME and doesn't contain words like "faintly humming, glowing or other magical adjectives" to describe them. There are a few items like this, but considered legend or artifact.  WORKING GLOWSWORDS btw.
 90% of eq uses words like thin, thick, soft, hard etc to describe.  Plain clothes give dodge bonus/leather ob/metal armour absorb/chain gives armour without -ob or -db.  Read anything about Middle Age eq/ or use logic and you can figure it out.  Every eq piece has both advantages and disadvantages; weight/ or loss in defensive or offensive stat are some disadvantages.
 No banking and other pk'ers can take your corpse eq.   Mobdeath is lost level and pk death is lost/given xp.  After legend level 26 practices and hps increase by 1 per level.  Some will spells (blindness) increase vs. lower level, but a level 60 warrior has very few advantages vs. a level 26 warrior.  Stragtegy, map knowledge eq can play a larger part in battle.
 Pk Combat is best suited for labs and solo-thieves.  Trapping behind closeables and uber linked labs spamming down slower linked players are frowned upon, but common.  Backstabbing xping players is also common.  The thief class is at times best of any mud.  Its often tweaked to balance it, because it can be a little overpowered or sometimes unusable in pk. Warpoints/warlords list available.  One web site with daily updated pk logs you can comment post on as well as a few websites with posted maps/stats etc.
 Classes/guilds are simplified  with mage, thief, cleric, warrior, but choosing your stats, equip and practices creates unique characters.
 Whitie/darkies side with advantages towards good. Sameside pk is possible, but can be a *real death* for your character if you die.
 Some roleplaying, but more of a realistc pk environment. Huge world, with decent descriptions and qwests.  Much like the real world not everyone is your friend. So don't expect help/eq/money without a few social skills and an above highschool intelligence.  Even then you can be on your own.  Come to cause trouble and you WILL find it.  Luckily a war is going on and many aggressions can be taken out on the other side.
Gods are fair in dealing with cheaters. *They will catch you and it will hurt. Newbie help is not thru gods but help files and YOUR ability to work with other players. Game is popular and always changing but is successful enough to ignore 'ideas' from players.  
 Thanks if you read this far.  If you don't like it right away, keep trying you'll be addicted. People don't quit MUME to play other muds, because after MUME no other pk mud can compare.  Even those who went to Everquest came back.....