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Reviews Section
Outremer by JR

Want to play a crafty courtier or formidable duelist? How about a lady-in-waiting who manipulates the court for her own ends, or a foppish gentleman who is secretly a deadly shot with a 'spell-lock' musket? Or there's always that old standby, the young noble raised in an honorable-but-impoverished family who comes to the city to make his or her fortune!

If your wits are as sharp as your swords, come try Outremer! It's a game of political conflict and factional maneuverings, as the King's Immortals, the Queen's Escort, and the Cardinal's Guard all vie for power. But this isn't about hacking an enemy to death with a big axe--it's a game of cutting words and cunning plots, where you humiliate the enemy, win the accolades of your faction and the blessing of the court.

It's set in a magical world like the 17th century France of the 'Musketeers,' with floppy hats and high manners and the clash of rapiers. It's not the easiest game--there are many newsfiles to be read--and although it's newbie-friendly it does require more attention than many games. The theme is pretty familiar, though--Musketeers! So if you're willing to put in a bit of time, the world of Outremer is an interesting, original, and sometimes-surprising place.

The game just re-opened about three weeks ago, with streamlined chargen, re-set history, and a playerbase of 10-12 during peak times and about half that--usually eager to RP--during many odd hours. There are pre-generated characters, for those who don't want to make their own.

If you like social RP and are a good RPer you should definitely check out the website. This is a great time to join, with meta-plots just starting and a strong beginning playerbase.