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Reviews Section
Sindome - A Cyberpunk MOO by Rei

My review of Sindome can be considered negative, but I'll explain it in detail below. Here is my review, and I promise to give reasons, so read it all the way through.

Sindome is a MOO using the LambdaMOO codebase. The setting is set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting. Players start off in a city where they must struggle to survive.

The storyline is solid, and the system is well thought out. However, there are few active players on at one time, so new players get the impression that the place is empty. The staff do interact with the players more than average, leaving players with surprising encounters with what looks to be standard NPCs. But with the lack of other players to interact with most of the time, it feels as if you're almost playing by yourself.

Sindome has quite an interesting setup, with a web interface that goes along with the telnet interface to produce an interesting method of interacting with the MOO. For example, to use the city terminal, the character must be by what is called a 'StreetTerm' in the MOO before he can access the IC-web board.

Overall, the MOO is great, but what it really needs is more active players.