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Reviews Section
Moral Decay by Daniel Dittmeyer

This mud is like no other. It isn't a Dystopian type. It wasn't coded by a machine in ten seconds then added onto and reformatted. The ENTIRE Mud was written by people, people that for the most part still play the game. Every room is a mystery and can hold a secret. You don't die with HP, which is unrealistic, you die from getting your head chopped off, or your body being destroyed. The MUD is run completely by the players. If you want eq, you need to find a guild that sells your size and get some. You need to process corpses and get money, find silver on NPCs. Risk your life to kill and you get to raise stats with exp, not equipment. The MUD is genius, and the people here are incredible.

We would love to get more recognition and at least be given a chance. All MUDs would, but most MUDs are only alive because they are written about a book or game you liked. This one could be written by YOU. Come by, play, learn, be addicted, meet new people, and maybe one day become a wizard and code!