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Reviews Section
Moral Decay by Galraith

This may get removed since it's only a reply to the review by LonehawkPilot but I'll give it a whirl anyway.

As a player of MD for the past 9 years, I can say that your encounter with a bug like that (where you lost your hearbeat repeatedly) is very, very rare.  And typically when you do find a bug and report it, you get rewarded (ie some coin or some experience points (XP).  Another plus of the game ;)

Unfortunately, from what I was told, new code was added with the intent of making player experiences even more enjoyable but it blipped.  As soon as it was discovered, it was fixed promptly

Anyway, a highlight of this game is its constantly changing dynamics, which you encountered with this bug.  It's never boring or the same.  Things change daily.  While this can be frustrating some times at higher levels (unexpected ass-kicking from some newly beefed monster for example ;)) it keeps you on your toes and makes for more excitement.

Also adding to the game are quests.  There are 6 quests required to aristo and a whole slew of mini-quests a player can tackle.  Some of the best times I've had playing this game are when questing.  

Your review was pretty well done for someone who had played for such a short time.  It's too bad you encountered any bug at all, but if you are interested in trying more of the game look me up when you log on and I'll give you a tour and help you out :)

That goes for anyone else reading this review too.

Look for my character name Galraith.