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Reviews Section
The Forests's Edge by zemus

I was introduced to the original Forest's Edge game in 1997 by a
friend of mine and was instantly hooked. I had never played a mud
before, but had played other ganes. I had no problem
figuring out how to play TFE. Much to my (and many others)
disappointment, the original game was shutdown in 1998.

Some time after the shutdown, the creator of the game released the
source code. This spawned several 'clones' of the original game,
some of which have died out over time... at one time even I was
involved in running one of these games. Of all the clones, this mud
stands out over the rest. It has stayed true to the original
'vision' of TFE, without the extra silly and useless features.

There are 8 available player classes, Bard being finished/added from
the original, Druid currently being implemented, 12 races, player-run
clans, in game quests, and items that can be 'customed' from other
items found in the game. Magic users cast a variety of cool spells,
bards sing songs that benefit themselves and other players, and monks
are fightning machines. The world is extensive and detailed... to this
day I am still not able to navigate through the world without finding
something new. Roleplaying is optional, but definitely something that
you can do.

The bottom line is, this mud rocks.