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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Priestess

Armageddon is like no other mud I have played before. It is difficult, challanging, and sometimes frustrating enough to make me want to tear my hair out. However, I keep coming back. The reason for my return is simple, I have never found anything that can equal the complexity of Rp and the fascinating storylines that I find in Armageddon.

If you are looking for a true roleplaying experience, then Armageddon may be for you. I will warn you, it's not something you can master, after over a year of playing Armageddon I still learn new things about the code on a daily basis, and that is just one of the things I love. Life is hard in Armageddon and death is permanent. It has the most advanced emote system I have ever encountered and it took me weeks to master it but ah... the flexability you have.

The playerbase is on the small side, but then again, difficult and challanging isn't for everyone. If you are looking for mindless hack and slash, this is NOT IT. If however, you are looking for story lines that leave you sitting on the edge of your chair, hoping and praying your character survives, then you may be looking for Armageddon. The Roleplaying is intense. The storylines are as convoluted as an Xfile episode and you never really know who to trust. The staff is very rarely seen, but they are there behind the scenes and I have found them to be intelligent, thoughtful and always courteous and helpful to the players. I personally prefer a staff that remains in the shadows, guiding and steering things with gentle nudges and only occasionally the boot to the rear.

I recommend Armageddon for the serious roleplayer. If you are looking for a place and a character that you can step into whole-heartedly, come join us in the harsh desert world we call home. Before you come though, you will DEFINATELY want to read up on the documentation. I personally kept my browser opened on the help files for the first few weeks I played and was constantly searching for help on something or other.

I've been mudding since 1992, and I've been to a lot of muds. Armageddon is what I have spent almost ten years searching for. It is a story, that you are writing with other authors. It is complex and fascinating and more addictive than a soap opera or chocolate. It's just... incredible.