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Reviews Section
Moral Decay by Greg Scott

Can you handle the challenge?  Only time will tell.

Where to begin?  Well first off, yes there will be things you do not like about this MUD and there will be, I promise a lot more things you like about it than dislike. I have been apart of this MUD off and on for going on 9 years, I began when I was 11...that alone should tell you a lot about this MUD, that it could catch an 11 year olds attention and get them to stay for as long as I have.

I have been to many different MUDs of many different code bases and this is the most detailed and thorough well thought our MUD I have played.  The wizards or immortals(whichever you are used to) are all about the playing atmosphere and making the game challenging and always there to catch your attention.  Most of the wizards here have been in your shoes before and are always there to listen and give you feedback when you need it.  Among the wizards are the most respectful, helpful and willingful players that you will feel you have known for all your life.

Going on to the game play.

This is the, I mean THE most challenging MUD and if not then show me another that will provide such a great challenge and involve so much fun.  Starting out yes, very tedious....isn't it that way everywhere else?  Yes, it is.  Don't expect to create and not have to put forth a great effort to become a good player.  The wizards are in the process of making newbie life much more friendly and keep the short attention spanned mind children happy, which I do not agree with.  With creating a newbie friednly system the wizards have recruited players such as myself that devote their time to helping out new members to give them a nice grip on how things go down and what to do.  If you want to be good and know your stuff you would want to go through alot of helpfiles.  

Oh yeah to let you know the MUD is on a system that reboots itself every 6 hours.  You WILL NOT save your equipment from each boot to boot.  That is in my mind the most fun part of this MUD.  I am one who loves a challenge and that is what this MUD is all about.

Advancing further and further into the game is when the fun really starts to kick into over-drive.  Each class has many different ways to go about how you play.

There are 8 races and 8 classes which are - Dwarf/Gnome/Halfling/Half-Orc/Half-Ogre/Elf/Half-Elf/Human as the races and Barbarian/Cleric/Monk/Fighter/Mage/Necromancer/Druid/Thief, YES I know lots of old school players look for MUDs that have something new there to take their intrest and with the new school MUDders are just looking for something more SCI-FI.  Trust me you DO NOT need all of that stuff here.  There are many different ways of making it fun for yourself... You'd think a good race for a fighter or barbarian would be half-orc or half-ogre or dwarf or even human but to make it more challenging you could be a gnome, elf, or even a halfling.  You ask why would you do this?  Each race has its own set of resistances to physical or magical damage types as well as many other resistances that I can't even think of off the top of my head.  Like I said, there are many different ways to go about how you play.

On to the business parts of Moral Decay

Moral Decay has a dynamic and unique player-run economy. This economy is composed of a number of different types of businesses, including bars, armor and weapon shops, smelters, corpse processors, distillers, and banks. These businesses are known as guilds.
Guilds offer a place for players to test their business acumen, become a part of a 'family', store equipment safely, make friends and/or enemies, and take part in the myriad other activities which comprise the Moral Decay mercantile system.
The primary goal of a guild is to earn assets. These assets can then, in turn, be spent on 'extras', like bulletin boards and "Members Only" rooms. In addition to spending assets on extras, guilds are required to make weekly rent payments to stay in business. Each guild earns money in a different way, but all offer goods or services to players or other guilds.

So you think you got what it takes to advance in this great world of many challenges and fun?  Stop by, read the helpfiles before you get your mind set on going strait to hack-n-slash game play.  In your great journy here in this world do not hesitate to ask other players for help from time to time as we are all joined together and understand where everyone else is at in their journy.  You will find me as Slasher,Zeus,Necron,Mini,Arcot,Curious on here.  I hope everyone has as much fun as I do there.

P.S.- I did not write about anything negative for there is nothing negative worth writing about that hasn't been fixed and taken care of.  The bad player review done by LonehawkPilot is invalid and should of never been wrote for the problems he encountered were freak accidents that would only happen one in a million.  And if you do encounter any problems don't give up and leave as Galraith posted in his review the wizards reward coins or EXP for the discovery of the new found problems.  If you are an experianced MUDder expect to have alot more fun than the newbie that has no concept of MUDding.  Hope you have fun.