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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Vox

You sit at a small table in the back of a well-kept, pleasant-smelling tavern.  Glancing about briefly you notice that the stone walls of this building rise up high above your head and are
devoid of windows.  Only the doorway to the west admits any light from
outside, and that much is diffused by the beads that hang in it. Cool
shadows cover most of the bar, except where lamps hang on long brass
chains above tables crowded with visiting merchants, giving the inn a
quiet subdued air.
  A bar runs the length of the building's east end, where it meets a
staircase leading up to the rooms which patrons often rent during their
stays in Allanak.
  Outside the noises of early morning filter in on a warm breeze and for an instant you are able to forget the harsh and unforgiving world outside.
  Swilling the remaining liquid in your delicate wineglass a smile slowly creeps over your sun-toned features.
  Suddenly a raspy voice from the darkened corner near the table wrenches you from the safety of contemplation and sends goose flesh rippling over your back and neck.
'...the day has come.' the voice rasps from the shadows.
   Memories of a few weeks ago rush through your thoughts with the raw power of a sandstorm and a ball roughly the size of your fist forms in your throat.
   Something in the shadow catches the light from your tables lantern and hot pain sears through the side of your neck.  In a moment of instinct your hand shoots to your neck, your fingers wrapping around the protruding hilt of an obsidian longknife, the image of your encounter with the haggard elf in the bazaar replaying itself in your mind.
   You fall forward onto the table, the delicate wineglass in your other hand falling to the floor.  As the glass shatters into brilliant shards beside your chair you are engulfed by the void.

 I've chosen to start this review with some creative, emotional writing to illustrate a point.  Armageddon is the most creative, emotionally involved mud on the Net.  I am an actor by profession and never before have I played a mud in which the roleplay atmosphere has been so intense, the coded atmosphere been so interactive and realistic, and the overall concept of the mud been so engaging.  
   When you involve yourself in the harsh, desert world of Zalanthas you also involve yourself in the rich, creative world of emotion and imagination.  Armageddon Mud incorporates these concepts as values and principles of belief rather than accepting them as enjoyable afterthoughts.
   I've been playing Armageddon Mud off and on for about 5 years and I can't seem to escape.  The general concept of gaming and mudding are addictive, yes.  But I've also played other muds and never found it so difficult to pull away as with Armageddon.  This tells me that I am more emotionally involved in this world than any other mud.
  As an actor and as a gamer I highly recommend Armageddon Mud to everyone who believes they have an imagination.