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Reviews Section
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth by Brawndel

Hi there.  I just read the recent review on mume, and being a long time player, I thought I should set you straight.
First of all, I've played mume for the last 4 years.  I've always loved it, because it is so dang challenging.  You are thrown in the middle of a light vs dark race war, and the main goal of the game is to become strong enough, and win some victories for your side.  But sadly, that is not the goal for a lot of people.  Mume is plagued by players who are very greedy, very newbie unfriendly, and are often seen killing other players for a piece of eq etc.  Not to say that there aren't the ocasional nice guys, but they are a lot more rare then they should be.  
The highest amount of people you see on mume at a time is maybe 30.  That doesn't include the other side of the racewar, as you can't see them on who... but there are probably 60 in all... and that number is diminishing daily.  Mume has become a backstabbing, overbearing, newbie-hating world that is just no fun to play in any more.  It is not unlikely at all for a level 1 newbie to venture out of bree, looking to exp a bit in the shire, and get overkilled by a pack of trolls, butchered, fully looted, and have his corpse burned.  
I have stayed on the mud for so long, because I have always thought that if I dedicated myself, I could become a good pker, and have some respect come my way.  This has never happened sadly, and even though I have gotten one of my chars to god level, he is unable to do anything.  
The god or ainor levels are obtained by first completing a pretty easy istari quest.  This consists of simply exping for a few levels in the form of an eagle.  There are so many ainor now, that most have absolutely nothing to do.  And the ones who do do one thing or another, are unable to change mixed up code etc, because of the fact that the mud admin will not let anything large be changed.  Infact, when asking high up imms about a certain bit of code that has not worked right for years, the charging skill for instance, he most likely responds that he has know idea how to change it, because it was put in so long ago that nobody nowadays knows anything about it.  
There are also several skills/spells that have been downgraded so heavily, that they are unusable.
If it sounds as though I'm bitter, I apologize, I have simply lived through this for years, and am now venting a bit:P
I do still love the game, but it is so unbalanced, and unfriendly, that I have finally given it up completely... which I must admit is hard to do.
Thank you for your time